High ceilings have been a favorite among homeowners for years. Other than delivering a sense of majesty to indoor spaces, they also bring a dimension of privacy amid such a grand enclave, a point of interest that many find so captivating. Elevate your high ceilings with even more elegance with five of Balsam Hill’s favorite design ideas:

Photo by Poshsurfside via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Photo by Poshsurfside via Flickr. CC BY-SA-2.0.

1. Floor-length Curtains

Curtains do not only keep the sometimes overly bright rays of the sun out, they also add color and drama to your room. Rustic hues like sedona, earth brown, and fern green can infuse your space with a classic appeal reminiscent of those grand ballrooms found in the pages of history. To add sophistication to your home and highlight the size of your living space, try out cream or white fabrics.

2. Cascading Chandeliers

Chandeliers and pendant lights are a wonderful way to add texture to the vacant spaces of a ceiling. It’s also a great way to make a statement. Large vintage installations can be a nice focal point to your room. For a more modern spin, use pieces of varying sizes and lengths. As they provide luminescence, they also work well in emphasizing the magnificence of your space.

BH 5 High Ceiling Post (Chandelier Collage Post)

Photo from Houzz 12, 3

3. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are always a good choice for large spaces. They are perfect for those warm summer afternoons and nights. Hanging a ceiling fan can provide your space with a fresh atmosphere. Make sure to match the design of your fan with the overall aesthetics of the room. For white paint, minimalist blades work best. For ceilings with exposed wood beams, a bronze, auburn, or mahogany-finished unit is perfect.

4. Artwork

One of the best things about having high ceilings is that they give you the wall space you need to create an art plan that would highlight your personality and interests. Turn your living room into a mini gallery by hanging beautiful artwork and framed photographs. Don’t forget to include fixtures and ornaments that would complement these stunning displays.

5. Bookshelves

Another marvelous way to make full use of your high ceilings is to build your very own library on a loft or mezzanine. You can install a few bookcases, place a sturdy fence, add a nifty ladder or staircase, and arrange your collection for everyone to see.  Stylish and ingenious, this structure makes the most out of your space and sets your living room apart.


6. Christmas Trees

During the holiday season, create a magnificent focal point in any high-ceilinged space with a breathtaking Christmas tree. As pictured above, our California Baby Redwoods can go as high as 18-feet tall, making it a perfect eye-catching décor piece in your home.

Follow these charming design ideas and enjoy the magnificence of your Balsam Hill home.

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