When it comes to arts and culture, the French have an insatiable appetite for design perfection as well as culinary creations. But while the Louvre and Le Meurice are still the most popular venues for these two masteries, the unassuming bistro is perhaps the one place where you can find a blend of both. It is where Parisian chic meets French bucolic charm.

Balsam Hill presents tips on how to infuse your dining space with the flair of the legendary French bistro.

Woven Wooden Chairs

Interestingly, the bistro’s most recognizable feature, the woven cafe chair, is not French in origin. This popular and sought-after rattan seat came from the Nile region of Egypt. Through French colonization, it found its way to the busy streets of Paris where it has become very much part of the great city’s cultural landscape. You can instill the same Parisian elegance in your kitchen and dining room by simply adding this timeless piece to your set.

White Marble Table

While modern renditions of the French bistro include wooden and wrought iron tables, it is the white marble console that makes a kitchen setup an authentic brasserie. The clean and polished surface of marble top tables adds a flawless look to dining spaces. It is this impeccability that defines the French design aesthetic. You can also use this table for your patio for an al fresco dining experience.

Professional Kitchen Range and Hood

Complement your bistro-inspired kitchen by installing the best professional range and hood from France. For years, manufacturers Lacanche and La Cornue have led the country in crafting premier artisan kitchen ranges. Their creations are known to combine first-rate functionality with superb designs.

Awnings and Window Shutters

Awnings are a distinct feature in French cafes. These decorative canopies are often found on doorways and windows, and they provide colorful accents to the exterior of old Parisian buildings. To add a rustic appeal to your very own bistro, you can fit your kitchen windows with small awnings. You can also attach wooden shutters to the sides of the windows to complete the French country allure of your home.

Muted Walls and Polished Floors

Create a cozy atmosphere for your brasserie-styled kitchen and dining room by using white and earth tone palettes for your walls. This makes for an ideal canvas when adding accent pieces to your space. For your floor, you can use varnished parquet or pepper white field tiles to match the low-key charm of bistros.

Eclectic Accent Pieces

Round out the eclectic look of your bistro by installing various Gallic décor. Traditional low-hung chandeliers and pendants provide warm and intimate lighting while acting as an ideal centerpiece for your kitchen. You can spruce up the walls by hanging old advertisement posters from around the French region as well as placing vintage Parisian tile murals framed in wrought iron. A quaint old chalkboard can also double as an accent and menu board for your kitchen.

Bring home the design elements of your favorite French bistro, and you’re well on your way to an unforgettable dining experience.

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