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Exquisite Bar Essentials
From a simple celebratory dinner to a four-course party, having a stocked bar at home makes entertaining easier and more successful. Barware is as important as the kinds of liquor your bar has. Ensuring that you have the right type of equipment helps you serve the right drink for the perfect party. Achieve a successful event and complete your entertaining needs with these exquisite home bar essentials.


balsam hill stemless wine glass

Wine glasses help set the atmosphere of your event, so your bar requires the perfect glass for any celebration. This stemless wine glass has an impeccable design that goes well with a casual dinner or a full-fledged classy event. The shape of the bowl also retains the wine’s distinct taste, regardless of the kind of wine.

Wine Opener

balsam hill wine bottle opener Opening a bottle of wine can be effortless if you have the right equipment. This mounted wine bottle opener quickly removes corks from any bottle with one pull of the lever while the base keeps your bottle steady during the process. It also has a classic look that goes well on the bar’s countertop, with a size that easily fits the cupboard.

Laguiole Knives

balsam hill laguiole knives No bar would be complete without some cutlery. A small Laguiole knife is perfect for slicing lemons or limes for garnishing drinks, or for serving a cheese tray during a wine tasting event. The wooden handle also gives a neutral accent to your bar’s decor as it offers a firm grip for constant use.

Wine Bottle Carrier

balsam hill wine carrier Your vintages need utmost protection during transit. Having a leather wine bottle carrier in your bar not only offers a safe case for your vino, but also complements any decor. You can keep this piece for when you bring home fresh bottles or when gifting wine to your hosts.

These are just some examples of what your bar needs for a successful event. Make home entertaining easier by having functional and elegant equipment. Take a peek at the latest Balsam Hill catalog for more home decor and entertaining essentials.

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