My Balsam Hill Home: Creating an Enchanting Radiance

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How to create a safe and enchanting glow for the hearth

Flameless candles

Battery-operated candles offer a safe and convenient way to create a radiant setting. Crafted with the Luminara™ lighting technology, Balsam Hill’s flameless candles feature the soft flickering of real candle flames, creating an inviting ambiance.

Battery-operated flameless candles from Balsam Hill
Miracle Flame Pillar Candle from Balsam Hill

The flameless candles come with additional features, such as a timer and a universal remote control. The timer allows you to automatically turn the candles on for 5 hours at night, and off for the next 19 hours, while the remote control lets you switch all candles within 15 feet, on and off.

The battery-operated flameless candles are a great substitute, scenic-wise, for burning logs. While their flickering feature already adds a realistic touch, you can make the arrangement even more natural by showcasing varying heights of candles, both in the firebox and on the mantle. By using different candle sizes, the display creates visual movement, inspiring the viewer to linger and appreciate the scene.

An Enduring Glow - Balsam Hill
Photo via Balsam Hill

Simplicity is key

Achieving elegance in home décor takes effort in staying true to a theme. Pay attention only to what you want to take prominence in the room, such as a particular color scheme, or even just the chic glow of candlelight. By staying away from the overpowering presence of colorful ornaments, the eyes can focus more on the radiance and warmth created by the lighting.

Another way to keep it simple is to go for less contrast. This monochromatic setting lends a beautiful background for your lights, especially because it does not present dramatic changes in color shade.

All this can be limiting, but you can still be adventurous while you try to make everything simple. Shake up the arrangement a bit by adding an opposing visual texture. The distressed candle holder and flocked pinecones on the mantle add a rustic touch to the otherwise contemporary hearth. This gives the impeccable fireplace a touch of imperfection, making it more unique and appealing.

Final touch

Now that you have your hearth glowing, top off the fireplace with undecorated foliage. The stunning long needles of the Majestic Pine Wreath add a fresh spectacle to one of the warmest areas in your home. Even without ornaments, the wreath is beautiful on its own, highlighting a realistic greenery that breaks the monotony in any room.

With simplicity and a tasteful glow, your fireplace is a safe and elegant spot to spend a lovely time with your loved ones.

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