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Mistletoe and holly have been always associated with the holidays. Balsam Hill pays tribute to the classic Christmas colors of red and green with a decorating theme that will brighten up any home in style.

A Classic Christmas with Mistletoe and Holly

Mistletoe and Holly Decorating Theme
Mistletoe and Holly Decorating Theme by Balsam Hill

Perfect for any setting, this Mistletoe and Holly themed Christmas tree is classy and sophisticated, yet remains endearing to children, inviting them to come near and appreciate the lovely trimmings. The wonderful decorating theme can be achieved with a variety of Christmas decorations that come together beautifully, including several types of ornaments, tree skirts, Christmas stockings and other accents, which will be featured in this post.

Timeless Holiday Classic: Our Fraser Fir Decorated with Mistletoe and Holly Ornaments

BH Fraser Fir from Balsam Hill
BH Fraser Fir from Balsam Hill

The BH Fraser Fir™ is lovely on its own, but can transform into an even more exciting spectacle when adorned with Balsam Hill’s Mistletoe and Holly Ornament Set. Featuring the holiday season’s classic hues of red, green, and white, our collection evokes a feeling of nostalgia, yet creates a cheerful atmosphere at the same time.

Designed exclusively for Balsam Hill™, the delicate blown glass ornaments are hand-painted and hand-finished with beads, glitter, and faux crystals, inspiring a vibrant holiday spirit. This impressive 35-piece collection of Christmas tree ornaments includes Christmas balls, teardrops, bells, and Santa and snowman figurines, all echoing tradition but still evoking a modern twist.

The Perfect Stage for your Tree with our Mistletoe Tree Skirt and Accents

Set the tone of your Christmas tree with the Mistletoe and Holly Tree skirt, which goes gorgeously well with your colorful holiday trimmings. This handmade piece ties the look together while bringing out the deep greens of your tree.

Balsam Hill’s embellishments masterfully incorporate the traditional colors of Christmas. These ribbons, and picks present red, white, green and gold in the most elegant way possible. Both the tree skirt and the ribbons and picks provide balance to the tree, keeping it from being randomly mismatched and giving it multiple layers of interest.

More Treats for your Loved Ones with our Christmas Stockings

To add some more thrill to Christmas morning, fill these Mistletoe and Holly Stockings with surprises in the form of small trinkets and treats. These elegantly crafted Christmas stockings stand out with their intricate embroidery, ruching and beading, all coming together to create a delightful visual treat for loved ones of all ages.

A Delightful Ambience with our Santa Claus Display

Santa Claus on Train from Balsam Hill
Lighted Santa Claus on Train from Balsam Hill™

Designed by Karen Didion, Balsam Hill’s lighted Santa on train features a jolly ol’ St. Nick at the helm of a metal train. Each hand-painted Santa comes with glass inset eyes and a real mohair beard to give it texture. The train replica offers a sense of old world craftsmanship, making it an exceptional collectible that gives the children a feel of the olden times. Wherever you place it in your home, this Santa Claus figure adds to the story of your holiday décor, and reminds us that Christmas is all about giving and being as happy as children.

A Complete Cheerful Look with the Mistletoe and Holly Tree Topper

Mistletoe and Holly Tree Topper from Balsam Hill
Christmas Tree Topper from Balsam Hill™

Complete the classic look of your Christmas tree with the blown glass Mistletoe and Holly Tree Topper, which adds sparkle to your holiday masterpiece with their faux crystals, beading and glitter. The great thing about this Christmas tree topper is that it can complement a variety of classic Christmas tree styles with its bright red, green and gold colors, helping you create your own unique look with any theme.

Feature timeless icons this season with these charming ornaments and memorabilia. May your Mistletoe and Holly themed Christmas tree bring incredible memories year after year in celebration of family togetherness.

For more Christmas tree decorating ideas, read more of our holiday decorating ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

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