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Welcome the Holidays with Balsam Hill

Winter is an exciting time for most households. However, with snow washing out the vibrant color of the outdoors, homes tend to become gloomy during this season. Add a splash of captivating color that contrasts well with the powder fresh snow. Choose from Balsam Hill’s decorating options to create an inviting display for a more welcoming wintry home.

Add Romance with Vivid Reds

Outdoor Pre-lit Poinsettia Wreath and Garland from Balsam Hill
Welcome the Holidays with Balsam Hill’s Vibrant Poinsettia Wreath and Garland

Red is known as the color of love and energy, inspiring delight and stirring excitement in your home during the holidays. Add a pop of brilliant red to your entryway with Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Pre-lit Poinsettia Wreath. Featuring bountiful crimson foliage, the poinsettia Christmas wreaths are pre-strung with clear LED battery-powered lights that make them stand out against the wintry landscape. A display of this spectacular holiday wreath is a wonderful way to welcome your guests into the warmth of your home, away from the cold outdoors.

The equally radiant Outdoor Poinsettia Garland completes your rich holiday display with its verdant foliage, set aglow with pre-strung LED lights. Line your pathways with this Christmas garland or wrap it around staircase banisters to add interest as it leads guests toward your home.

Balsam Hill Norway Spruce Holiday Potted Tree
The Norway Spruce Holiday Potted Tree with Bright Red Accents

A splash of vibrant color can work wonders on classic holiday décor. You can work some bright red accents into classic green holiday décor if an all-red ensemble is too vibrant for your tastes. The Norway Spruce Holiday Potted Tree is a nice complement to a red wreath and garland set, with its dark green hues and realistic foliage. Red and green berries, boxwood leaves and twig balls make this tree the perfect entryway décor for both autumn and the holidays.

Balsam Hill Red Berry Wreath
The Red Berry Wreath is the Ideal Autumn and Winter Décor Piece

Fall décor, because of how it highlights the bounty of the season, can also work as holiday accents. The Red Berry Wreath is tough to beat as a symbol of bounty. Its rich crimson berries and muted, earthy tones combine to provide a stark contrast to the cold, gloomy winter.

Balsam Hill Pinecone Wreath
The Pinecone Wreath Adds An Elegant and Symbolic Touch to Your Front Door

Muted reds and neutral browns can add a dramatic touch to the vivid colors of your entryway décor. The neutral tones of the Pinecone Wreath provide a subtle variation that works to balance the overall décor theme. Use it together with other neutral décor pieces to create an analogous color scheme that combines vibrant and muted colors.

 Complement the look with the Snowflake Coco Welcome Mat

Balsam Hill Snowflake Coco Welcome Mat
Snowflake Coco Welcome Mat

Let your loved ones’ first step into your home be that of cheer. With the bright color and dainty snowflake prints on this Snowflake Coco Welcome Mat, your friends and family are greeted with the merriment of the season. Made with all-natural coconut fibers, it functions effectively in removing the mud and dirt from the shoes of your guests.

Inspire Cheer with Bright Greens and Yellows

Balsam Hill Outdoor Pre-lit Boxwood Wreath and Garland
Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Pre-lit Boxwood Wreath and Garland

The brilliance of the Outdoor Pre-lit Boxwood Wreath lends an elegant and joyful ambience to your doorstep. Its radiant presence, thanks to the glow of its LED lights, brings the entryway to life, while its remarkably shaped verdant foliage suggests exceptional quality.

Like the fresh-looking wreath, the matching Outdoor LED Boxwood Topiaries inspire cheer and offer a sneak peek of the joyful atmosphere that awaits your guests. These vibrant topiaries are gorgeously highlighted by the quaint Tuscan Urns that exude sophistication.

Balsam Hill Windsor Potted Spruce (left) and Coloma Golden Pine Potted Tree (right)
Balsam Hill Windsor Potted Spruce (left) and Coloma Golden Pine Potted Tree (right)

For a classic approach, choose between the understated beauty of the Windsor Potted Spruce and the lavish elegance of the Coloma Golden Pine Potted Tree. Both designed using True Needle™ technology, these verdant potted trees provide a stunningly realistic look and feel. Exude a minimalist look with the Windsor Potted Spruce’s regal profile or an ornate appearance with the richly decorated Coloma Golden Pine’s gilded pinecone, berry and leaf ornaments.

Greet Everyone at your Doorstep with the Christmas Script Coco Welcome Mat

Balsam Hill Christmas Script Coco Welcome Mat
Welcome Loved Ones with a Cheerful Greeting with the Christmas Script Coco Welcome Mat

Classic and meaningful, this Christmas Script Coco Welcome Mat from Balsam Hill picks up the lovely greens, yellows and golds from the alluring Boxwood Wreaths and Topiaries. It features a “Merry Christmas” script to give your guests instant welcome. Hand-woven from 100% coir, this mat features thick, all-natural fibers that absorb moisture and keep dirt at bay, giving you a worry-free Christmas gathering with your friends and family.

Cheering up your entryway in the winter is all about selecting the right color to usher in the spirit of the holidays. Select from these outdoor Christmas decorations from Balsam Hill to make your home more inviting for everyone’s favorite season.

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