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In honor of Mother’s Day, we reached out to our blogger friends and asked them to share stories about their moms. To kick off the celebration, we’re shining the spotlight on our resident design expert, Dagmar Obert.

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As a surprise for Dagmar, we asked her daughters to share a few things about their mom. Here’s what they have to say.

Share a favorite memory you have of your mom.

Anna: My mom used to work on putting the draperies together at all hours of the night. I could always hear the intense mechanical slam of the staple gun, and the nightly news drifting through the heat grates. This does not happen anymore, but I look back fondly on that time, and will always remember those moments.

Abigail: My favorite memory of my mom is all the walks that we took in the summer of 2010, before my older sister’s wedding. On these walks, we talked endlessly. I love taking walks to this day, because they remind me of my mom.

Alysa: We had just driven through desolate but stunning New Mexico. We had gone 180 miles without seeing a living person, animal or even car on the road (not kidding). My mom had us stop in this town in the middle of nowhere so we can tour this little historic mansion. The motive was two-fold: so we could learn the history of the family, and observe the interior decor to qualify the trip for a tax write-off for her business. While this is one example it is far from an isolated incident. My sisters and I have literally toured America via history living rooms and parlors.

How does your mom inspire you?

Anna: My mom inspires creativity in me, which I think reflects her innovative mind and skill-driven discipline. When she made bridesmaids dresses for my sister’s wedding, I said, “Why are you making everything? It’s going to look like a craft fair.” In the end, I was proven wrong when what I thought would be a craft fair looked like a $500,000 wedding. She is skilled at everything she puts her hand to and she inspires me to set aside any fear of the unknown, especially with planning events or embarking on a creative project.

Abigail: My mom inspires me with her work ethic. When my sisters and I were little, we would often fall asleep while she worked downstairs with her sewing machine and industrial stapler. I only hope I also have the strength and ethic to work after I had put four girls to bed.

Alysa: My mom loves people deeply, a trait she inherited from her dad. She loves making people laugh, getting them out of their comfort zone and challenging them to be the best they can be.

What do you love most about your mom?

Anna: I love my mom for the way she loves us in her own unique ways. She often has bold opinions, making comments about the pale complexion we received from our father, and always telling us to sit up straight. But this is why I love her—because I know she loves us through it all. Her southern flair leaves an impression on everyone she meets, and her animated personality engages the most unaffected persons.

Abigail: What I love most about my mom is her faith, and her trust and love of God. She knows the bible well, and she reminds me to be accountable to my own faith.

Alysa: I love that my mom surrounded our lives with beauty. Whether it was the centerpiece at Easter, the garland at Christmas or the wreath on the door that changed with the seasons, my mom knew how to inundate our lives with beauty down to the minor details. It was something I did not truly come to appreciate until I had two kids of my own and realized just how hard it is to keep a house clean let alone beautiful.

Describe what your mom means to you in one sentence.

Anna: To me, my mother embodies a loyal, bold, strong-willed stalwart who is faithful to the people she knows and loves.

Abigail: My mom is a beautiful artist who centers her life around God and family.

Alysa: My mom is a trailblazer; a woman who loves deeply, surrounds others in beauty, and doesn’t understand the word “small”.

The rest of the stories will be published as a series of posts in the upcoming days, so please stay tuned!

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