First of all, I want to take this opportunity to thank our friends from the blogging community who helped make our Mother’s Day campaign a success by imparting great memories of their moms. Our dear bloggers also shared how they decorated their lovely homes for Mother’s Day with Balsam Hill products. I know their mothers will truly appreciate what they shared in their interviews, and how they made their homes even lovelier for such a special day. I was so delighted with how they brightened up their homes, that I couldn’t help but share my own project as well.

When Balsam Hill interviewed my daughters about having me as their mother, I initially felt scared, but then eventually realized it was all worth it; reading the post really made me smile. I was so touched by how my daughters, Anna, Abigail, and Alysa thought of me as a mother.

Spring Decorating for Mother’s Day

Balsam Hill asked my daughters to pick an artificial Balsam Hill floral arrangement that they thought would go best in my home, and this is what they picked:

Spring flower arrangement by Balsam Hill
Balsam Hill’s Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement

“We chose the Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement because like our mom, this floral arrangement is unique and beautiful. We believe that our mom cares about quality more than quantity, that’s why we selected this arrangement, which is one of the simplest and most compact among Balsam Hill’s spring flowers.” – Anna, Abigail and Alysa

I thank my girls for choosing a flower arrangement that fits my taste perfectly. My youngest, Alaina, has special needs and wasn’t able to give her input, but she’s very much a part of our family’s lives. In fact, she helped open doors for my involvement in the Special Olympics and getting to know the special needs community in the Seattle area.

Decorating the Entry

When I opened the box from Balsam Hill, I saw the vibrant green hydrangeas right away, which brought back memories of my eldest daughter’s wedding. The orchids were a lovely touch, too, as my husband and I just celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last March. The 28th year is said to be symbolized by orchids, which signify love, beauty, luxury and strength.

spring flowers on entryway

The lovely Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement is so beautifully crafted that it’s hard to tell they are artificial, unless you touch and feel them. Even then, the flowers still come close to the real thing.

I placed the flower arrangement on a table at my entryway, which used to accommodate a letter holder that held my mail and bills. This table also contained things that I needed to take with me before I headed out the door. I decided to tidy up the table and relocate my administrative nook to a more efficient place, which is the last part of the living room that needs beautification.

spring flowers at entryway

My entryway is the perfect place for the Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement because the flowers will remind me of my daughters every time I go in and out of our home.

My own mother taught me the most important values that made me into the person I am today. Mothers, indeed, are one of the most influential women in children’s lives, and it’s important to honor and thank them every day for always being there for us.

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