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Mother’s Day is an event that is near and dear to Balsam Hill, and to me as well. It is one of our favorite occasions, and we take this day to give thanks to the strength and unconditional love that mothers have.

Today, I’m happy to welcome you to Balsam Hill’s special campaign, our Mother’s Day Brunch Blog Hop. Four of our blogger friends will be joining me and Courtney of French Country Cottage as we reveal our favorite Mother’s Day brunch recipes, share our thoughts on motherhood, and decorate for the day itself with beautiful floral arrangements.

I’m kicking off our blog hop with a few photos of my brunch tablescape, which I’ve decorated with the stunning Balsam Hill Phalaenopsis Snowball Arrangement.

Dagmar's Mother's Day tablescape

Favorite Brunch Recipe

A big serving of Basil Breakfast Strata is a delicious beginning to a lovely Mother’s Day celebration. A strata is basically a baked, layered bread and egg dish, but this version incorporates peppery-tasting arugula leaves and savory prosciutto slices for extra kicks of flavor.

Dagmar's Mother's Day tablescape

You can find the recipe for this dish online quite easily. If you’re unable to find specific ingredients, don’t hesitate to make substitutions. Watercress or spinach leaves can stand in for arugula greens, while prosciutto can be replaced with Virgina ham.

Thoughts on Motherhood

With most kids out of the house and on their own, the last few years have been really interesting. There has been lots of joy in attending college, job training, weddings and welcoming grandchildren (for me!), but there has also been the frustration of dealing with life obstacles. When I see my children facing adversity with confidence, it brings me great joy. When I see them going through challenges or problems, it is emotionally taxing and sad.

It’s been surprising also to see gifts and skills develop, some of which we had no clue they were even interested in pursuing. One daughter has started her own company, while another has been a stellar nanny loving children as her own. Our third daughter is graduating from college this year and has a wide array of options to pursue. My youngest is in her vocational transition program at a hospital and maturing to do more for herself, both at her job and in her independence with public transportation.

My happiness overflows seeing all their accomplishments, but one must be strong and brave enough to walk with them throughout all the frustrations, without jumping in to fix the problems that come their way. Such are the joys and challenges of being a mother.

Some Words of Advice

I am far from perfect, as there is no such thing as a perfect mom. But over the years, and through a process of trial and error, I’ve collected some words of wisdom that I feel will resonate with mothers of all ages, and from all walks of life.

Dagmar's Mother's Day tablescape

Be real, and be the person you would want them to be. Don’t try to force anything on them and love them as they are and help them to develop their gifts. Always keep in mind that your children need direction and guidance. Lastly, love them unconditionally, and have fun together.

More to Come

Follow our blog hop over the next few days for more inspiring Mother’s Day ideas.

Tuesday, April 19th Vanessa of At the Picket Fence
Wednesday, April 20th Laura of Duke Manor Farm
Thursday, April 21th Sarah of The Yellow Cape Cod
Friday, April 22 Melaine of My Sweet Savannah
Saturday, April 23 Courtney of French Country Cottage

I am so happy to have you join us in our Mother’s Day celebration! It is our wish that this occasion will be one full of love and happiness for you and the whole family. Don’t forget to drop by Balsam Hill for a closer look at our elegant floral arrangements.

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