Balsam Hill takes inspiration from popular holiday trees found in nature to craft the most realistic artificial Christmas trees in amazing detail.

Watch this video about our True Needle™ technology, an exclusive innovation that mimics the structure, texture, and color of real evergreens.

What is the Most Realistic Artificial Christmas Tree?

The most realistic artificial Christmas trees are those that closely resemble the distinguishing features of fir, spruce, or pine trees found in forests or tree farms. Unlike generic faux trees, the best artificial Christmas trees mimic the shapes, colors, and textures unique to their counterpart species.

Which is the Best Balsam Hill Christmas Tree?

When it comes to realism, the best Balsam Hill Christmas trees are our Most Realistic ones. With our exclusive True Needle™ technology, we are able to replicate the branch design, color variations, and textures of real evergreens in nature.

Find out more about our 10 most realistic artificial Christmas trees below.

10. Balsam Hill Grand Canyon Cedar™ Christmas Tree

Our Grand Canyon Cedar Christmas tree takes after the evergreens found in the mountains and plains of Arizona and Utah. Designed with a sparse silhouette, this unique tree has a narrow profile with widely spaced branches to showcase ornaments. It has long, thin, light green needles composed mostly with True Needle foliage to achieve the same organic look of its natural counterpart.

9. Balsam Hill Black Hills Spruce Christmas Tree

Our Black Hills Spruce draws inspiration from the popular Picea glauca var. densata specie of South Dakota. Its dense, lateral branches mimic the real tree’s distinct pyramid shape. Its slender and round forked needle tips have a dark green hue and are set on brown stems for a natural, lush effect.

8. Balsam Hill Sanibel Spruce™ Christmas Tree

The Sanibel Spruce Christmas tree has a full, conical profile and long, slender tips. It has the distinct multi-toned light blue-green needles and silver undersides of real spruce trees. It also has a sparse design with upward-sloping tips and ample space in between branches that make it ideal for displaying ornaments.

7. Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce™ Christmas Tree

Modeled after the Picea glauca of New England and Canada, the elegant Vermont White Spruce tree is considered one of the best Balsam Hill Christmas trees. It features a full silhouette with upward-sloping branches perfect for decorating. Its branches feature the intricate coloring and shape of the real tree, which has dark brown stems and long, lush needle tips in a natural grass green hue.

6. BH Balsam Fir™ Christmas Tree

Our namesake tree, the BH Balsam Fir, is modeled after the Abies balsamea found throughout the Appalachian mountain range along North America’s eastern coast. It features the teardrop shape, upward-sloping branches, and the semi-flat light green needles of the real tree in lifelike detail.

5. Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce™ Christmas Tree

With its slim silhouette, the Stratford Spruce is ideal for decorating small and narrow spaces. This elegant evergreen features light brown branches and thick, medium green needles with 5-way forking tips for a highly realistic look and feel. Its distinct layered branches are beautifully proportional to its slim profile.

4. Balsam Hill Red Spruce Slim™ Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill’s Red Spruce Slim is designed after Nova Scotia’s Picea rubens species. It features unique reddish-brown branches with light green needles and long, pronged outer tips that look just like the real thing. The tree’s slender, conical shape, and layered branch structure are suitable for decorating tight spaces.

3. Balsam Hill Calistoga Ornament Tree™

Inspired by the Abies Amabilis or Pacific silver fir species native to North America, the Calistoga tree has a unique tiered silhouette. It features long, straight branches with spacious gaps to prominently display ornaments. It features a realistic trunk, brown stems, and dark green tips crafted from 100% True Needle foliage for unsurpassed realism.

2. Balsam Hill Aspen Estate Fir™ Christmas Tree

The Aspen Estate Fir was inspired by the majestic evergreens that thrive in the Rocky Mountains. It has a lush, full profile with a down-swept silhouette and alternating dense and open tips to give ample space for larger ornaments. It features sturdy branches with natural brown stems and long forest green needles crafted from 100% True Needle foliage.

1. BH Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

If you ask us, “What is the most realistic artificial Christmas tree?” The BH Fraser Fir is our most lifelike Christmas tree—therefore one of the best Balsam Hill trees—to date. We used actual Abies fraser branch clippings to create 40 different tip variations, the most that we’ve ever done for any of our trees. From the tree’s natural-looking branches to the five-split forked tips, the rich green foliage with silver undersides, and the long, organic treetop branches, we’ve paid attention to every detail to bring you the look and feel of real farm-grown fraser firs.

Set the scene for extraordinary celebrations with the most popular Balsam Hill trees that look and feel like the real thing. Decorating for the holidays is convenient with our easy set-up Flip Trees, Pre-fluffed™ Instant Evergreen, and Easy Plug™ features.

Enjoy the beauty of our best realistic artificial Christmas trees for many seasons to come.


  1. Carolyn J. Kitchen Reply

    1. Colorado Mountain Spruce would purchase a heartbeat if tree was offered in “Candlelight LED” 6.5’ to 7.5’.

    2. Aspen Silver Fir would purchase Candlelight LED tree if version offered with the “EASY PLUG” 6.5’ to 7.5’.

    3. Vermont White Spruce would consider purchase if tree was offered in “Candlelight LED” 6.5’ to 7.5’. (We had this tree from Christmas 2007 to Christmas 2016. (Each Christmas we had to change out over 100 Clear Incandescent Bulbs! In addition one year a Balsam Hill replaced a whole section of our Vermont White Spruce)!

    4. Centennial Fir meets all my “MOST REALISTIC” tree requirements as above; except, unsure of its rounded shape as cannot see the actual tree.

    I decorate Christmas in Early American, Colonial Williamsburg, and/or “Charles Dickens”. However, since retired to Florida…some British Colonial/West Indies.

    Love Balsam Hill Trees and BH Customer Service Team is stellar!!!

  2. I need a 4 1/2 ft tree, but I want both clear and colored lights and my ornaments are old and kind of heavy. what do you recommend? I’ve looked at your trees for years and they are beautiful. This will be the last tree I buy, I know. So I want it to be the one!

  3. Melissa Stover Reply

    I am very interested in your beautiful Christmas trees. Do you have a catalog? If so, may I get one to shop for my family tree?

    Thank you. Information listed below.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year…

    Melissa Stover

    • Balsam Hill Reply

      Hi Melissa,

      I’m sorry to say that we aren’t sending out catalogs at the moment. However, you can still check our main site for your family tree. If you want to be part of our next catalog mailing list, please sign up here.

  4. I would like to know if the foliage on your trees is the same throughout the whole tree. It seems that the foliage closer to the interior of the trees is not made of the same foliage, rather a less dense one used as a “filler.” Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Balsam Hill Reply

      Hi Nora,

      It’s true that each tree uses different ratios of PE and PVC needles in their foliage. You can find this information in a pie chart under the foliage section.

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