Mixing Old and New Holiday Decorations

Having the same exact Christmas decorations every year lessens the excitement of putting them up with your family. Seeing the dusty and tattered garland on the mantle doesn’t exactly bring feelings of joy for the holidays. But some of those old decorations hold memories, and we want to incorporate them into our newer, fresher Christmas decor. We’ve gathered some tips to help you mix old and new holiday decorations.


Balsam Hill's classic Heritage Spice Wreath and Garland, decorated along with our French Staghead Pillow and Morning Frost Tabletop Trees
Balsam Hill’s classic Heritage Spice Wreath and Garland, decorated along with our French Staghead Pillow and Morning Frost Tabletop Trees


  • Create a smooth transition

To create a smooth transition between old and new holiday décor, use colors from the same family. Repeating the hues bring a sense of cohesiveness and unites the elements in your holiday decor.

  • Use everyday items

Apothecary glass jars and tumblers are excellent table centerpieces when filled with holiday items like colorful antique Christmas ornaments, or put a smaller, special Christmas knick-knack in a jar to display its uniqueness.

  • Repurpose old foliage

Salvage old greenery and use them to embellish lighting fixtures. Tie them to wall sconces, lamp posts, and chandeliers with colorful ribbons for a nice accent to your lighting scheme.

  • Recycle Christmas cards

Old Christmas cards from loved ones can be turned into ornaments (laminate, punch a hole in the top, and tie it to the tree) or cut up and made into a beautiful collage.

  • Upgrade your kids’ artworks

The kids’ holiday artwork can be upgraded to feel like the real thing. Highlight Suzy’s 4th-grade nativity drawing with a snazzy new Christmas frame. Group together a few drawings from over the years, and this is a lovely way to incorporate the old decorations into something new.

Sometimes you want to keep that Santa rag doll from your childhood, and those sentiments make Christmas special. It’s easy to update your favorite older decor with something fresh with an eye for repurposing and making sure that the decorations are in keeping with your home’s style. Happy decorating!

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