From our family to yours, we would like to wish you the merriest of Christmases. At Balsam Hill, it is the time we look forward to the most out of the entire year. To spread some heartwarming cheer on this very special day, our employees were asked to describe what Christmas is to them, as Christmas has different meanings for different people.

Watch a video from our CEO, Thomas Harman, explaining what Christmas is to him.



Christmas is a time for all things warm, cozy, and familiar. Christmas feels like a small, mitten-clad hand tucked into mine as we walk through the snow. Christmas looks like my mom’s grin and the twinkle in my dad’s eye as my parents stand beaming at the front door, welcoming weary travelers. Christmas sounds like the carols we all sing around the piano, as we’ve done since I was a little girl. Christmas smells of cinnamon and cloves and fresh pine needles, and tastes like pot roast and apple pie just out of the oven.  Christmas is a time where we all can come home, no matter how far we’ve gone.
– Emily S.

Read more below about how other members of our team describe this wonderful time of year.

Christmas is spending precious time with loved ones, cherishing those moments, and being fully present. It is a time of beauty and tradition. It is when people allow themselves to believe in miracles and open up to the childlike wonder within. It is joy and laughter mixed into more than just one day; it is an entire season of celebration, love, and happiness.
– Jessica P. (7.5’ Vermont White Spruce)


Christmas is a magical season when my family shares memories of times past and creates new memories for the future. Sharing laughter and smiles is my favorite part!
– Dan T. (7.5’ Red Spruce Slim)


Christmas is about continuing traditions that bring loved ones together. In my family we do the Christmas Eve box. My Grandma and Papa started it for me and my brother, and now I continue it for my kids and niece. Every Christmas Eve a box shows up with special Christmas pajamas, a movie or game, snacks and hot cocoa mix. It gives everyone in the family something to do together on Christmas Eve.
– April E. (7.5’ Vermont White Spruce Narrow)


Christmas is new traditions. This year, we have a new tree and we’ll be celebrating a new beginning.
– Katie R. (7.5’ Vermont White Spruce)


What is Christmas to you? Please comment below to share your own “Christmas is” story.


  1. Gary Doc Coatoam Reply

    Christmas is a gathering time for us. On Christmas eve all three daughters, their husbands and six children move into our house for the night. The children sleep on air mattresses and sleeping bags in the loft. The youngsters are early risers so they can see what Santa brought them. Then mid morning our two sons, their wives and our other seven grandchildren also join the festivities. That evening we all enjoy a wonderful Christmas dinner, accompanied by additional in-laws, who are happy and welcome guests. Our joy is in the celebration of the birth of Christ, and in the fact that we can all gather under one roof for a grand and happy reunion.

  2. Our most beautiful Christmas tree. 7 1/2 foot Vermont White Spruce, Narrow

  3. Dana O'Neill Reply

    I purchased the Mt. Washington white tree with candle colored lights. Since this year’s Christmas celebration was only for my daughter and I, I decorated an all white tree with various tints of pale pink glittery ornaments, silver and gold. I found beautiful long clear icicles. It made for a beautiful feminine statement to celebrate Jesus’s birth.

    Dana O’Neill
    Chandler, AZ

  4. The tree is absolutely beautiful!! We received it three weeks before Christmas and page set up was so easy. One major disappointment was that our receiver controller died the day before Christmas eve. We have a large party and a replacement can’t be shipped until the 29th. For the money you pay, I would have expected a higher level of customer satisfaction given the fact it IS A CHRISTMAS TREE we ordered for Christmas.

    • BalsamHill Reply

      Hi Mark, thank you for reaching out to us. We sincerely understand your frustration and would like to apologize for the inconvenience and delay this has caused. Please send us an email with your Order ID to so we can look into and follow up as needed on your replacement receiver right away.

  5. Christmas is such a special, heartwarming time of year. This year, our home became a little more cozy and beautiful with our new Balsam Hill 7.5′ Brewer Spruce.

  6. DAVID G. GIBBS Reply

    Dismay set in on unpacking our tree. Couldn’t use a glove, the stitching had missed the seam,obviously not inspected before delivery. Plastic part like a small top hat (2 inches) use unknown but crushed,again should have been found on packaging. Final upset was that because of the proliferation of items from China, my wife and I leaped at the opportunity to buy a genuine American product – only to find it was made in China. We are not returning it but now it will be an annual reminder that we have got a tree that is not what we believed it to be and failed in its ” Best there is” advertising. Please improve on the quality of inspection and declare country of origin. If you wish to see the parts mentioned I will gladly send them to you.

    • BalsamHill Reply

      Hi David, we’re sorry to hear of your disappointment with your recent purchase. Please send us an email with your Order ID to and we’ll do what we can to help.

  7. karen bourque Reply

    Balsam Hill has some beautiful looking trees,but I received 2 previously returned and non working at that,on my doorstep.I did give Balsam Hill a second chance,understanding that mistakes happen.But 2 REALLY! Decided no tree this year,and next I will get a live tree and never shopping here.Never got any response from Balsam Hill either!

    • BalsamHill Reply

      Hi Karen, thank you for your honest feedback and we’re truly
      sorry for the upsetting experience you had with your purchase and our company. We’ve taken note of your feedback so we can work on preventing similar issues like these in the future. If there is anything more that we can do to assist you, please do inform us at On behalf of Balsam Hill, we do wish you and your family a great year ahead.

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