During formal gatherings like a dinner party, one has to be extra imaginative to create a centerpiece that leaves a lasting impression among the guests. A well-thought centerpiece corresponds to the setting of the event, matches with the venue, and goes perfectly with each table setting – from the plates down to the silverware.

Instead of a flat display, a layered technique gives more dimension and interest to your table centerpiece. The trick is putting together different elements that result to an appealing effect.

Take a roast turkey, for instance. This sumptuous dish makes an excellent centerpiece on a long dinner table. The only thing left to do is to surround your main course with other dishes that complement it perfectly. You may also use fresh or roasted vegetables as garnish.

Cakes and mini chocolate fountains are wonderful options for a dessert table. Accompanied by fresh fruits, marshmallows, and cookies, this kind of centerpiece will surely make mouths water.

For cocktail parties, you can place a large transparent container filled with ice cubes amidst the wine bottles and other beverages. Set the container on a larger fruit platter and surround the base with assorted berries or nuts.

Evergreens and wreaths are great sources of layering materials for a design base. If you want to showcase a gorgeous candle, simply position the candleholder in the middle of the wreath. To decorate, use flowers or seasonal fruits, several sprigs of faux evergreen, and pinecones.

There is no exact formula for making a layered centerpiece, the possibilities of your originality are only limited by your resourcefulness. Happy decorating!

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