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Make Your Own Custom Garland with this DIY Trick

This time of year it’s all about greening up every area of our home. Well, at least that’s how it is here on our farm.

BH Fraser Fir Garland

I have a few tricks that I usually like to do when putting greens around our home for Christmas, so I wanted to share one of those tricks with you today. This is our staircase here in our farmhouse and I did my little trick in this area of our house…

My trick? It’s simple. I mix a few real greens in with our faux greenery. This is a great way to get the best of both worlds of real and faux. We think that real greens like garlands and wreaths can be really expensive. So mixing the two not only makes everything look fuller but gets you a great custom look for your home.

The only hard part is, your faux greenery has to look good in order for this to work out. Lucky for you Balsam Hill has the most real-looking greenery that mixes very well with real greens from nature. I like to blend real with the faux sometimes to personalize the greenery and to put my touch on our decor.

DIY Custom Garland with BH Fraser Fir

To blend the garland, I first tied my Balsam Hill greenery which was the Fraser Fir Garland to the spindles going up the staircase. I then weaved in some real cedar pine garland into the faux garland to make the faux garland a little fuller and unique to our home. I usually like the look of a little messy, a little undone, and a little cozy.

Another great thing about mixing real with the faux is the great smell that the real branches bring to the faux arrangement. Balsam Hill’s greenery is amazing on their own, but if you are looking to do a little DIY project this Christmas season, bringing in some real greenery to your wreaths, garlands, and more can be a really great way to customize your Christmas decor.

You can see more of our home daily on my blog, If you’d like to see more realistic foliage, go ahead and visit Balsam Hill’s site.

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