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How to Make An Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Real

Every year, more and more families choose artificial Christmas trees over live ones for the benefits they bring. While artificial trees offer a lot of advantages, many still look for the smell of live trees.

While artificial Christmas trees aren’t scented, there are various ways to enjoy the scent of the real thing.

What Does A Christmas Tree Smell Like?

The smell of a Christmas tree depends on its species. Fir, spruce, and pine trees are the most popular Christmas trees and they produce terpenes that give them their distinctive scents. Fir and pine scents usually have rich camphor or menthol-like fragrances.

Other coniferous trees feature terpenes that give off a variety of Christmas tree scents ranging from citrusy, to warm and spicy, to menthol-like, or a combination of peppermint and citrus aromas.

How To Make an Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Real

For those who love the convenience of artificial Christmas trees but crave the real spruce, fir, or pine tree smell, here are the best ways to make your Christmas tree smell real:

  • Use diffusers and scent machines
  • Light candles or burn incense
  • Use scented sticks or air fresheners
  • Add scented pinecones
  • Mix in fresh branches

Diffusers and Scent Machines

Diffusers disperse essential oils or special Christmas tree scent blends directly into the air and are ideal for those who prefer a longer-lasting release of fragrance. Balsam Hill’s Scents of the Season™ Fragrance Machine is portable, convenient to set up, and can be used all year-round.

Balsam Hill Scents of the Season Fragrance Machine home décor clearance sale

Pair it with our line of Christmas tree-smelling essential oils, otherwise known as our Scents of the Season cartridges, which include nature-inspired fragrances such as Balsam Fir, Fresh Cut Evergreen, and Cedar Wood for the sough-after real-tree scents.

Candles or Incense

Add a warm and cozy touch to your spaces with Christmas tree-smelling candles or incense. They also double as décor items when placed on tabletop and mantels.

Scented Holiday Candles

Choose a Christmas tree fragrance featuring aromas like camphor, warm spices, or citrus. Make sure that you don’t put lit candles too close to the tree and other decorations to prevent fire accidents.

Scented Sticks and Air Fresheners

Christmas tree scent sticks can also be used as ornaments. They accent your tree while bringing your favorite Christmas fragrance into your home for weeks at a time.

Opt for scent sticks that smell like fir, spruce, or pine, and spread them out evenly between the branches of your artificial Christmas tree. Many Christmas tree scent sticks are available in green colors to blend with your tree and other foliage.

Balsam Hill's Scented Ornaments

Another way to make your artificial tree smell good is by using air fresheners and aerosol sprays. Hang small air fresheners at the back of the tree where they’re hidden from view. You can also spray scented aerosols in the area near the tree but practice caution as they can be flammable.

Scented Pinecones

For that natural evergreen scent, place fresh pinecones in various areas of your home or use them as decorations on your tree, wreaths, and garlands.

Holiday Scented Pinecones

If you’re picking them by yourself, make sure to clean them to remove sap and treat them for insects. But if real pinecones aren’t available in your area, you can still achieve a pine scent for your artificial Christmas tree with store-bought natural pinecones infused with scented oils.

Mix in Real Branches

Bring home that authentic evergreen smell by weaving real branches into your artificial Christmas tree and greenery. For this to look natural, combine real branches with realistic artificial foliage. Place them throughout your tree, wreath, or garland to get a true-to-nature scent.

Now you’re all set to welcome the festivities with the fresh fragrance of real evergreens. With natural elements like pinecones and real branches complemented by store-bought scents like Christmas tree essential oils, candles, scented ornaments, and air fresheners, your artificial Christmas tree will look, feel, and smell even more like the real thing.

Visit Balsam Hill for more ideas on how to fill every room of your home with Christmas cheer.

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