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Majestic Pine Tree: Bringing the Splendor of Nature into your Home

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Artists stretch the limits of creativity by altering what’s own in order to come up with a surprising creation. Andy Warhol exaggerated certain features of the subjects in his pop art portraits. For example, he changed the colors of Marilyn Monroe’s face to create a stunning work of art. At Balsam Hill, this practice can also be seen in modern Christmas trees.

The Freshness of the Majestic Pine

In recent years, we have seen a growth in the popularity of black trees for Halloween, orange trees for fall, and trees that depict the winter season using color for the variant. Balsam Hill has also somewhat stretched the limits of what is natural, or at least uncommon, not by simply altering the color of an artificial tree but by exaggerating its natural features.

Majestic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree by Balsam Hill
Give your home an exceptional flair with Balsam Hill’s Majestic Pine

The best example is Balsam Hill’s Majestic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree, which exaggerates the size and volume of a common branch tip. By sheer size, we can see a very unique Christmas tree that differs from what we often encounter outdoors but still manifests the beauty, shape, and symmetry of a coniferous tree.

Open branch structure of Balsam Hill’s Majestic Pine
The open branch structure of the Majestic Pine lends generous space for more ornaments

The oversized needles of the stately Majestic Pine are highlighted by the spacing of the branch tips, which showcases the lovely way in which nature symmetrically yet arbitrarily designs itself.

The climate in the Pacific Northwest allows coniferous trees to grow continuously until they become very tall and large. The White Pine from the north has large branch tips of very fine needles, but Balsam Hill’s Majestic Pine comes with thicker needles that are nice to the touch and wonderful in holding ornaments for several reasons.

The Majestic Pine Wreath and Garland are breathtaking additions to your home.
The Majestic Pine Wreath and Garland are breathtaking additions to your home.

How to Decorate the Majestic Pine Tree

To keep its simplicity, you may want to use only one or two colors with variations in shape because the overall majesty of the tree may be distracted by the intricacies of the ornaments.

It would not be “wrong” to hang colorful decorations, but monotone sets like the Sparkle and Snowflake ornament collection will better enhance the tree, acting as a backdrop that directs the attention back to the Majestic Pine’s foliage.

The Majestic Pine adorned with the Sparkle and Snowflake Ornament Collection
Use simple and elegant decorations, like Balsam Hill’s Sparkle and Snowflake ornaments to make the Majestic Pine’s foliage stand out

Showcase large Christmas balls and long finials in the spaces between the branches. Avoid adding traditional light strings with messy wires. Make use of the pre-strung lights of the tree to add a subtle glow that will highlight its beauty.

Where to Place the Majestic Pine

The Majestic Pine can work in many places but will look especially nice in an urban apartment or condo setting. Amid the bustling city life, the tree is a wonderful classic and soothing element that can be updated to complement today’s simple furnishings.

A transitional home can also be greatly enhanced by the Majestic Pine. With vintage ornaments adorning the elegant centerpiece, it successfully melds tradition and modernity.

The Majestic Pine Tree can also be placed in a commercial setting during the Christmas season, and I love that it can either be adorned with stunning ornaments or left undecorated as it can stand alone for its beauty.

A perfect example of just how beautiful the Majestic Pine Wreath is, even on its own, is shared with us by our friend Courtney, author of French Country Cottage. She has opted to place the wreath against a backdrop with a dark tone to set off the vibrant foliage without the need for additional ornaments other than a cream-colored ribbon. The result is a focal point for the doorway that is cool and refreshing to the eyes.

A wonderful display from French Country Cottage.
A wonderful display from French Country Cottage.

Whether you want to enhance it with trimmings or rely on the beauty of its foliage, the Majestic Pine is a fresh take on familiar holiday décor.

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