A large space gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you arrange your home, and it can particularly be an asset at Christmas time. You can go big with trees, garland, vignettes, and all the other decorations that add holiday magic to a space. However, with all this potential comes a few challenges. When dealing with a lot of square footage or tall ceilings, you need coordinated and organized decorations, and you have to arrange them evenly so there are no empty spaces that may look odd. Here are some decorating ideas on how to deck out a few commonly large spaces for Christmas:

Emily's Christmas Cottage Porch with Balsam Hill foliage and décor
Emily of The Wicker House decorates her front porch with Balsam Hill frosted foliage and NOEL Décor sign

Yard or Garden

Not only do outdoor Christmas decorations add to the festive look of your home, they also help highlight the best aspects of your yard or garden. However, to create a cohesive look, make sure that you arrange all the elements so that they make your house the focal point of the display.

Decorate trees with lights and ornaments, with increasing density as it gets closer to your house. Line the driveway or front walkway with lights or oversized decorations to visually guide the eye toward the front door. Deck out your porch with garlands and wreaths to create a welcoming and festive entrance to your home.

Large Hallways

Since corridors are a transitional space, usually you’ll want to decorate them in a way that serves as more of a backdrop than a centerpiece. One type of display that can add an impactful and whimsical feel to a large hallway is a snow drift display. You can create this in your own home by draping white sheets from ceiling to floor and lighting them from behind. Then, decorate the sheets with snowflake cutouts in different sizes by pinning them onto the sheets or hanging them from the ceiling at different heights. Add a bit more sparkle with tinsel and shiny ornaments in silver, white, or light blue.

Grand Staircase

Before you start decorating your stairway, you should consider how its architectural style might lend itself to different themes. For example, a craftsman style banister with a long, straight handrail might suit a more traditional style of décor, while a sweeping curved railing might be for more whimsical decorations.

Regardless of which style of décor you select, stairways are the perfect place for dramatic swaths of garland, big ribbon bows, and even decorative stockings or bells. Be sure to place decorations evenly and if you can, add them in a pattern from one end of the railing to the other, as this will give the room a balanced appearance.

Follow a Theme

In decorating large spaces, it’s easy to get sidetracked with a lot of ideas and the potential of the space. To keep things coordinated, make sure that your décor sticks to the colors or motifs that you’ve picked. There are endless themes you can choose from and get creative with. For example, you could decorate around traditional red and green, pick a white and silver theme, go for woodland themed décor, or even decorate with sparkling snowflakes in a range of colors. Basing the rest of your theme on your Christmas tree décor is a great place to start.

California Baby Redwood
Our California Baby Redwood is ideal for large hallways and huge spaces

As long as the decorations coordinate and fit the spaces they are in, you home is sure to look cheery and festive all season long with these Christmas decoration ideas.

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