Our homes tend to be a fusion of differing styles due to the cycle of seasons. During the holidays, we sometimes find it a bit difficult to balance our original home design with a Christmas theme because of contrasting elements.

A berry accented artificial wreath is displayed against a zinc mirror in this living room spread (Photo courtesy of Make Life Lovely)
A Frosted Holly Berry Foliage is displayed against a zinc mirror in this living room spread (Photo courtesy of Make Life Lovely)

A great way to harmonize these styles is by incorporating artificial flowers into the decor. Below are traditional Christmas plants that you can try.


One of the most popular Christmas plants, poinsettias feature the traditional holiday colors of red and green. You can display them in a wreath, as a centerpiece, or lined up across the windowsill and mantel. To keep the plants alive longer, place the pots along a sunny window and let them dry out between watering. Be cautious when handling the plants to keep the stems from breaking.

Christmas Cactus

Available all year round, the plant may live for years with the proper care. Keep the plant in a sunny spot and be sure not to overwater it. Christmas cacti come in various colors like red, pink, white, and yellow. It also makes a stunning table centerpiece or used in place of a wreath and hung from a window frame that is bordered with pine garlands.


Known for its glossy leaves and bright red berries, hollies are a species of evergreen, similar to Christmas trees. They may be used in wreaths, centerpieces, ornaments, and garlands. In the past, it was used interchangeably with a Christmas tree.


Mistletoe is frequently used as an add-on to Christmas floral arrangements, crafts and wreaths. It may also be displayed on its own, or with some twigs or a Christmas ball. It is usually hung from a door frame and according to tradition, once two people find themselves “under the mistletoe,” they should kiss.

Here are some ideas on how to use the plants in your home:

  1. When decorating the living room or front porch with a traditional Christmas tree, use plants that match the color of your ornaments. You may add pinecones and holly or attach sprigs of mistletoes to deck tables, stairway railings, and the fireplace mantel.
  2. For a nice centerpiece, place a few cinnamon-scented pinecones to a basket of assorted fruits and nuts. Add flowers, persimmons, and berries for pops of color. Dress it up with holly and poinsettias attached to a golden or silver bow.
  3. In the kitchen, combine sprigs of hollies, cinnamon sticks, pine twigs, rose petals, and citrus peelings in a finely woven netting. Next, tie it up with a bow that matches the color scheme of your kitchen. This works like a potpourri and you can hang it around the space for a delightful aroma.
  4. Decorate a formal dining area with poinsettias or hollies that are tied to rolled up table napkins and finish the design with asymmetrical scented candles.

When used appropriately, floral adornments heighten the ambiance of a room and help balance your color scheme. Try these tips and see the difference they make in decorating your lovely home.

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