A List of the Best Valentine Gifts for Him and Her

The best gifts are the ones that truly come from the heart. Whatever the occasion, nothing is more romantic than a gift or gesture that shows your significant other your sincerity and thoughtfulness. To help inspire you as you think of what to give him or her, here’s a list of the best Valentine gifts that combine sweet sentiments, practicality, and have just the right touch of playfulness—as all ideal Valentine’s presents should.

Romantic Gifts for Her

If you’re the type to wear your heart on your sleeve, the best Valentine’s gift for your girlfriend or wife would revolve around the classics. Level up this day with elevated takes on the usual flowers, jewelry, and romantic date night. Here’s a list of the best time-honored Valentine gifts that are sure to please.

1. Handwriting Necklace

Personalize a necklace or bracelet with her name in your handwriting. It’s a deeply personal and unique way to celebrate your closeness.

2. Long-Lasting Flowers

Flowers in full bloom won’t fail to put a smile on her face. However, real flowers wilt and soon need to be thrown away. Give her exquisite artificial flowers that she can display for as long as she’d like.

While a bouquet would be a safe choice, she might be pleasantly surprised with floral decorations like a wreath, garland, potted foliage, window box, or hanging basket. Our Outdoor Vibrant Summer Bloom Collection features a cheery assortment of lifelike purple hydrangeas, lavender, pink gerberas, and daisies, which would be perfect for Valentine’s and beyond. It will instantly lift her mood and remind her of you every time she sees it.

3. Home-Cooked Meal for Two

Set up an intimate date at your place or hers to avoid the Valentine’s Day rush at the restaurants. Make it more personal by setting the scene: Recreate your first date by cooking or ordering the same food and decorating your dining room in a similar fashion.

Or, charm her with a special themed meal. If you both dream of traveling to Italy, prepare your favorite wine and pasta. Then, dress up the space with our Villa Cucina Collection. Its abundance of faux olive foliage and lemons will transport you to the rustic Italian countryside. If spring in France is more your style, pop open a bottle of champagne and dine under our Provencal Lavender Wreath. It’ll just be like vacationing in the Mediterranean.

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Thoughtful Gifts for Her

The best simple Valentine gift for her proves how you know her best, and prioritize what’s close to her heart, too. Choose different Valentine’s gifts that might not be showy or grand, but are ultimately thoughtful. Here are some ideas that will surely put a smile on her face each time she uses them.

1. Bathtub Pillow

Make her nightly soak even nicer and more luxurious with a special bathtub pillow she can rest her head on. You’ll make her me-time that much more comfortable and indulgent, and she’ll thank you for it.

2. At-Home Spa Day

Take it one step further by setting up a personal spa in her bathroom. Create the ultimate space for relaxation: Queue up a soothing playlist on a portable speaker, lay out a comfortable robe and slippers for her to lounge in, and curate a gift basket with an assortment of face masks, bath salts, and scented soaks.

Elevate the spa-like ambiance with the cozy glow of our Miracle Flame LED Wax Pillar Candles. These give off the same effect as real candles without the risk of causing a fire. Fill the space with beautiful floral arrangements for an even more relaxing atmosphere. The gorgeous white blooms in our Spring Magnolia Arrangement bring that zen feel to any space.

3. Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

Keep her coffee and tea hot, as well as her iced beverage cold for hours. She’ll appreciate how you thought of her enjoying her drink at the right temperature, no matter how busy she gets. Make sure to select one in a color or design that matches her personality.

Practical Gifts for Him

Thinking of what to give a guy who isn’t into the sentimentality of the holiday? Here’s a list of the best Valentine gifts that are practical and useful. These are things he probably wouldn’t have thought to buy for himself—and so would love to receive from you.

1. Weighted Throw Blanket

A quality weighted blanket is believed to aid in stress reduction and relaxation. Help your man unwind after a long day by giving him a nice throw blanket he can snuggle up under as he naps or at night.

2. Craft Beer Subscription Box

If your husband or boyfriend likes beer, make sure he always has a cold one to enjoy by giving him a monthly assortment of new craft beers. Or, open the box together and have fun sampling different brews from various small-batch makers around the country.

3. Coffee Maker

If he’d much prefer a cup of joe, give him a classy (but simple to operate) coffee maker—it’s a practical gift that will surely be used a lot. He’ll get the perfect cup each time, thanks to your thoughtfulness.

Romantic Gifts for Him

Many of the top-rated Valentine’s Day gifts are a combination of fun and sweet. If you and your guy aren’t shy about showing your love, these gifts are your best bets.

1. Q&A Love Cards

Bond and get to know each other better through a deck of conversation prompts, which cover a range of topics from your love language to what makes you tick. This activity is perfect for a quiet night in over a bottle of wine.

2. Industrial Plant Pot

Plants are always a fun gift to give, as they literally symbolize watching your love grow. But how about artificial foliage in an unconventional plant pot? It’s a unique way to dress up your partner’s favorite spot at home, with some greenery that will last as long as your relationship. Choose the Newport Square Pot for that industrial, masculine feel.

Make this Valentine’s Day Special

While a well-planned present should be enough, a little extra effort can’t hurt either. Go the extra mile and make sure your gift is nicely wrapped for maximum impact. If you’re planning a sweet gesture, try to make it a surprise. Enlist the help of family or close friends to help you pull it off. Remember, it’s the little things that make Valentine’s Day unforgettable.

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