Christmas is the season of giving. It is a time when we get together with family and friends over a hearty holiday dinner, share stories, and present gifts to each other. It is our simple way of showing appreciation for their company throughout the previous year. While the value of the present may vary from each person, what matters most is the thought of giving.

This week, Balsam Hill shares our four favorite ways to creating a unique and personalized holiday gift for loved ones. With these simple ideas, you can make your presents more timeless and memorable.

The Classic Charm of Paper Wrappings

A classic favorite when it comes to gift wrapping, paper is perhaps the most well-known material used. This varies from inexpensive and recycled wrapping paper to more costly ones with glossy prints.

To create a more unique wrapping for your gift, you can play with alternative forms of paper. Try infusing your presents with a bit of personality by wrapping them in canvas paper or with pages from a music book. The texture of the canvas adds a hint of sophistication to the packaging while the ink patterns on the music book pages gives it an elegant appeal.

The Elegance of Fabrics

For a classier way to wrap your holiday presents, try using stylish fabrics instead of regular wrapping paper. Not only does this help enhance the value of your gifts, but it also promotes a greener and more sustainable form of packaging.

Common gift wrapping cloths include those made of silk, cotton, rayon, and nylon. The furoshiki, a traditional Japanese enfolding fabric, has grown in popularity in different countries. These beautifully woven cloths, which also feature various colorful prints, are often used to package important presents. You can find them available in gift emporiums and online stores.

The Timelessness of Vintage Containers

Another fine way to add sophistication to your holiday present is by using vintage containers, such as boxes, cookie tins, and mason jars. Aside from providing excellent storage, these antiquated containers also make timeless home accents. Visit your local flee market to purchase these items or check out your attic or garage for some that you might have collected over the years.

The Heartwarming Appeal of Personalized Gift Cards and Tags

After choosing the ideal wrapping for your Christmas gift, it is time to place the perfect gift card and tag. Similar to greeting cards, gift cards and tags often include simple yet heartfelt messages from friends and family. These personalized notes make the whole experience of gift giving more enjoyable.

The secret to an effective Christmas gift card or tag is to make the message short and sweet. You can also place a nice photograph of the family or a familiar scene to add a touching accent to you present.

Make your holiday gifts more memorable by infusing it with your unique and personal touch.

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