Christmas is a time to gather with family and friends over dinner, drinks, and presents. During the festivities, photos always serve as great reminders of all the fun experiences. Whether you want to take family Christmas portraits or capture the overall cheer during the Christmas party, these tips will help you achieve the perfect pictures.

Caitlyn of The Mama Notes during our 2016 12 Bloggers of Christmas Campaign
Caitlyn of The Mama Notes with her child during our 2016 12 Bloggers of Christmas Campaign

White Balance

The colors in photos sometimes turn out odd because the white balance wasn’t properly set. White balance arranges your camera settings to accurately distinguish the hues under a particular lighting, using the color white as the guide. Don’t forget to configure your white balance to ensure each shot mimics the actual colors in the room.

Shoot Continuously

Capture the excited faces of your family and friends come gift-opening time by setting your camera to shoot in quick succession. This is especially great if you have small children since their reactions to gifts are often the most precious. You can either manually shoot in succession or set your camera on a tripod and program it to take pictures every few seconds. A tripod stabilizes the shot and you’d be able to capture your own reaction as you open or give presents.

Background & Lighting

If you want to take group pictures throughout the night, set up a great background. The Christmas tree, snowman on the lawn, and dining table laden with Christmas goodies are great backdrops to group shots. Take the time to decorate the area and design lighting that will help your camera take better photos. It’ll be a waste to have such a beautiful background only to realize that you don’t have sufficient light to take a good photo.

Go Candid

While group or solo pictures are great, candid shots allow you to better remember all the silly events that transpired throughout your Christmas party. Not everything can be recreated in a pose, so mingle and snap away. You’ll be able to capture great pictures without having to coax smiles out of your family and friends. If you’re up to it, you can even use candid pictures as part of your family Christmas cards, instead of the usual studio pictures.

Keep these tips in mind when the Christmas party season begins. Fun, memorable, and well-taken pictures are the best keepsakes of any event.

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