How to Store Your Christmas Items Properly

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Balsam Hill Ornament Storage Boxes
Store your Christmas ornaments in stackable compartment boxes for easier storage and organization.

As the festivities gradually wind down, it’s time to focus on how to store your Christmas ornaments and other holiday decorations. In a previous post, we presented a variety of décor and Christmas tree storage options from which you can choose. This post focuses more on the proper storage of your Christmas décor items, in order for them to look good as new next holiday season.

How to Store Your Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is the centerpiece of every home’s holiday décor. In the video above, we show you a step-by-step guide on how to properly store your tree to protect it from the elements.

Balsam Hill Christmas Ornament Storage Box
Store your ornaments in Balsam Hill’s Christmas Ornament Storage Box for maximum protection and easy access.

 How to Store Your Christmas Ornaments

  • Store Christmas ornaments of similar size and shape in compartment boxes. If you don’t have an ornament box or organizer, decorative boxes or used wine boxes with dividers will also work.
  • Before Christmas ornament storage, wrap each ornament in tissue or old wrapping paper to avoid scuffs and scratches.
  • If the ornament is too small for the compartment, pad it with paper or bubble wrap to avoid bumps during storage.
  • Create a list of the boxes’ or containers’ contents and stick it onto the outside or place it in one of the external pockets of the bag for easy access. This will make it easier to determine which boxes contain which ornaments.
  • Make sure that the ornament boxes or containers are not squished while in storage. Avoid placing heavy boxes or objects on top of them.
  • Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag
    Secure the wreath in the Balsam Hill Wreath Storage Bag.

     How to Store Your Christmas Wreaths

  • After removal, place the wreath in a hatbox of the right size, making sure that it is not crumpled or out of shape. Larger hatboxes can sometimes store more than one wreath. If hatboxes are not available, plastic containers of appropriate sizes can be used instead.
  • Protect your wreath by storing them in wreath storage bags or boxes designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Wrap smaller ornaments, if any, in tissue paper and store them together with the wreaths in the center of the container.
  • Label boxes and containers properly for easy organization.
  • Hang larger wreaths in the back of the closet or wardrobe. Use florist’s wire or twist ties to attach each wreath to a wire hanger. To protect the wreath from dust, cover it in dry-cleaner plastic bags or clean trash bags.
  • BH Balsam Fir™ Garland
    For easy storage, make sure garlands are not tangled during removal.

    How to Store Your Christmas Garlands

  • When taking your garland down, gently drape it over your arm to make sure it doesn’t get tangled. Depending on the garland’s length, you might need assistance from another person.
  • After removal, mark garlands properly to make decorating next year easier and more convenient.
  • Place the garland in a clear plastic tub, making sure that it is coiled up nicely in the container. To protect your wreath, store them in storage bags or boxes designed specifically for that purpose.
  • Label containers properly for easy organization.
  • Make sure to store your decor in a cool, dry place. Humidity and temperature fluctuations can damage the garland or give them a musty smell.
  • Balsam Hill Musical Santa In Pick Up Truck
    Check all tabletop decor parts and make sure they are complete before storage.

    How to Store Your Mantel and Tabletop Décor

  • Wrap each tabletop or mantel display in bubble wrap or tissue paper. Make sure that all components are complete.
  • Store neatly in a sturdy box. Smaller displays can be stored in a compartment box.
  • Label containers properly for easy organization.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, together with Christmas ornaments.
  • Avoid placing heavy boxes or objects on top of the box to avoid damaging the contents.
  • Follow these simple tips and you will realize that post-holiday redecorating doesn’t need to be a chore.

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