A good set of Christmas lights always spells a more breathtaking and memorable yuletide season. Maintaining the quality of these sparklers can, however, become a challenge. When taking down and storing Christmas lights after the holidays, decorators often face a mess of tangled electric strands and busted bulbs.

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To avoid this headache of organizing after Christmas, Balsam Hill has created a convenient guide to storing Christmas lights. With these four quick and easy steps, you won’t have to worry about your holiday lights losing their brilliance.

How to Properly Store Christmas Lights

  1. To make sure that the strands do not get tangled when you wind them, always take note of where the opposite ends are. You can create square markers made from several pieces of cardboard. Remember to slit one side of each square.
  2. Begin spooling the strand by inserting one end of the string into the slit and coiling it around the cardboard square. When you reach the end of the string, carefully insert the last light bulb into the slit.
  3. Repeat this process if you have more than one set of Christmas lights.
  4. Place each set of lights inside a clean plastic bag, then place the bags inside a large plastic container. Store the container in a cool dry area of your house, such as the closet, attic, or garage.

Keeping your Christmas lights safe in the off-season is essential to preparing a joyful atmosphere when the holidays come around. By following our practical guide, you can easily create an astounding yuletide display for your family and friends to enjoy.

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