4 Ways to Spruce Up Your Windows for Christmas

From setting up the Christmas trees, hanging festive wreaths on doorways, drawing up the lights; the windows sometimes end up being the least priority when it’s time to decorate for the holidays.

Shayna's Decorated Window with Balsam Hill's Magnolia Wreath
Shayna of The Woodgrain Cottage decorated her window with Balsam Hill’s Magnolia Wreath

When decorated, the windows add that extra burst of holiday cheer which emanates from both within and outside your home. Here are a few ideas you can try:


Incorporate the image of a snowy white Christmas by hanging pseudo-icicles down your window frame. Mimic the icicles by stringing together a combination of rock crystals, pearls, and white Christmas lights. Remove your usual Christmas curtains and hang this in its place, preferably starting on the top of your window frame. The combination of the crystals, pearls, and white lights add sparkle to your view.


Not everyone can enjoy watching snow gather on the front lawn. If it doesn’t snow in the area you live in, create your own version of a white Christmas. Purchase artificial snow in aerosol cans and spray it on your windows, concentrating along the edges, and getting lighter as you reach the middle. You want to create a gradient effect with the snow; because while a snow-frosted window is great, you’d still want to see enjoy the view of the outside. If you want to, you may even do this simultaneously with the window icicles mentioned above.


Courtney's Flocked Entryway with Balsam Hill Frosted Foliage
Our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage decorates her entryway with Balsam Hill’s flocked foliage collection

Wreaths are no longer restrained to doors and over mantels. Using suction cups, hang small Christmas wreaths on your window. In place of wreaths, try using fir boughs, strings of mistletoe, and Christmas garlands.

Village or Nativity Scene

Balsam Hill's German Pyramid Nativity
Balsam Hill’s German Pyramid Nativity Set

If you have a window seat, set up a Christmas village or nativity scene that can be viewed from the outside. Light up the little figurines with custom lighting or string lights around the edges of the window. When viewed from the inside, the view from your window serves as a natural backdrop to the scene you’ve created. From the outside, your little window scene complements any outdoor lighting you have.

Combine these ideas together or use them sparingly in the different areas around your home. If you have kids, get them involved by letting them create paper snowflakes to stick to the windows. Conceptualize other creative ways with your family and make this a yearly tradition. Happy decorating!

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