The grey overcast days are over. Spring has finally arrived, bringing with it warmth, magnificent colors, and its promise of sunny days. The pleasant and lively weather gives us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. One wonderful way to do that is to have a delightful conversation over a hot cup of tea and some delicious snacks on your porch or patio.

Before you send out an invite or give your friends a call, make sure that your outdoor space has spring decorations that will capture the vibrancy of the new season. Here are several elegant spring porch decorating ideas that will add charm to your favorite areas.

The Front Porch: The First Sign of Welcome

Give a warm welcome with lanterns

When it comes to home decorating, the design of your front porch sets the stage for the interior of your house. Since it is one of the first areas seen, it sets the tone and establishes the atmosphere for your guests. The simpler and more relaxing it is, the more welcoming your front porch will be.

Providing space for seating is an excellent way to encourage everyone to spend some time outdoors. Although it would be a wonderful idea to carry through the same style found in your indoors, creating contrast is also acceptable for a different look outside. You can also consider complementing the season with different pillows, accents, and rugs that reflect the colors and prints of the season.

With the shift to warmer days, draw folks out from inside so that they can enjoy the fine days that express the beauty of spring.

1. Spring Wreaths

The soft shapes of this Peony Wreath played off well against a burlap frame

Transform your front porch into a warm and inviting entryway by hanging a beautiful spring wreath on your door. Made from a collection of fresh succulents, dried grapevines, and flowers, this lush perennial accent is designed to add a charming and sophisticated highlight to spaces.

When choosing the ideal spring wreath for your front porch, always keep the style of your exterior in mind. For modern and contemporary homes, the elegant look of dried grapevine spring wreaths and flower wreaths offers an excellent way to highlight the simple design of your front porch.

Succulent spring wreaths, on the other hand, can be used to match the rustic appeal of traditional homes. The subtle use of lush foliage for this type of wreath helps accentuate the countryside look of these homes.

If you prefer a more versatile option, you can also go for an artificial doorway accent such as this English Boxwood wreath from Balsam Hill. Featuring handcrafted foliage designed to mimic the realism of live plants, this decorative piece emanates with the charm and elegance of nature. The stylish square form also adds an intentional and classic flair to any style of home.

2. Topiaries / Potted Trees

Balsam Hill's Topiaries and Plants collection
Balsam Hill’s Topiaries and Plants collection

Another fine way to bring the season of spring into your home is by placing a pair of topiaries in your front porch. Often used to add artistry to designs, these potted trees also create elegant and sophisticated spaces without appearing too extravagant, bringing a garden-like charm reminiscent of the conservatories of decades past. It’s also lovely to have them frame either side of the entryway.

For longer-lasting elegance, try using artificial topiaries instead of live ones. These artificial plants feature lifelike foliage that exudes that same quality as natural trees but without the need for constant watering and maintenance. You can also place them indoors since they don’t require sunlight to exist, making them versatile for all types of use. One can even use a pair for both spring and summer, and then change them out once fall and winter arrive.

3. Door Mats / Welcome Mats

Complete the warm and inviting quality of your front porch by placing a lovely little welcome mat at your door. Aside from providing the functional uses of regular mats, specially designed door mats, such as these ones from Balsam Hill, also add to the stylish appeal of your entryways.

Balsam Hill's Welcome Pineapple, Parisian Parquet, and Drop Crystal floor mats
Balsam Hill’s StormGuard™ Mats

A Welcoming Atmosphere

1. Outdoor Seating / Outdoor Furniture

Make your porch inviting by decorating it as you would an indoor room. Adding outdoor furniture, complete with pillows and rugs, works wonders in creating a gorgeous and comfortable outdoor living area.

Wicker furniture is a desirable option for any outdoor space. Tables and chairs of this material are not only durable and weather-resistant; they also look stylish on a porch. Keep your pillows and cushions from getting damaged by covering them with outdoor fabrics that resist sun, mildew and moisture. There are numerous companies that make these and they offer a variety of classic and whimsical patterns. It is also important

A simple bench can instantly turn a porch or patio into an inviting spot where you can relax with your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of spring. When not in use, the bench can serve as a focal point and perhaps when adorned with a gorgeous basket of flowers. This photo of a distressed painted bench gives a worn comfortable look. With the yellow accent table, the display presents a subtle spring atmosphere that’s inviting to everyone.

You can still use indoor furniture as long as your porch is covered. An old table can make a pretty accent on the porch and provide a nice place to display plants. There are several distressed painted accents like the chairs and decorative piece above the long sofa. Notice that the use of sun fabric with stripes makes sitting and resting additionally inviting.

2.DIY Crafts and Projects

Welcome spring with decorations you can make yourself. Hand-sewn pillow cases are a great and easy way to update the look of your porch. Opt for outdoor fabric with muted or pastel colors to reflect the lightness of the season.

Make a front door arrangement showcasing the beautiful flowers of spring. A simple floral décor instantly creates a charming ambiance and sets a relaxing mood in your home. Not only they are easy and simple, they also add so much detail because of the greens and flowers. The container or object also wonderfully displays your style or theme.

If you want something more personalized, consider crafting your own moss monogram door sign. Clean and simple, this décor exudes an elegant minimalist attitude that adds the perfect spring touch. It also reflects warmth because of the burlap accent ribbon.

You can use any gardening tool such as a watering can or a wooden barrel where you can place flowers or plants. Use a wooden crate for soda bottles and put plants in it. This will breathe new life into your porch and add a vintage dimension to your area.

Decorated with shutters and a stained glass window, the porch in the image above has become an extension of living space. It is unique since the muted comfortable pillow contrasts well with the dramatic color of red in these summer blooms. The display lends a quiet calm to the surroundings and invites the long warmer days that are to come.

Create the perfect entrywaydecor this season and enjoy quality time with the family by taking inspiration from these stylish spring porch decorating ideas. Find out more from Decorating with Dagmar only here on Balsam Hill blog!


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