Whether used in a flower arrangement for decoration or as a bouquet to gift on a special occasion, flowers easily add beauty and charm to any setting. In different cultures throughout history, flowers have become associated with multiple meanings and varied symbolisms.

The language of flowers, or floriography, grew in popularity during the Victorian times, when flower arrangements were used to convey coded messages in society. The secret language of flowers can be used to communicate one’s feelings, moods, and style.

Watch this video to find out how to express yourself using different types of real or artificial flowers.

Casablanca Lily

With its unique trumpet shape, the Casablanca Lily represents celebration. It also connotes prestige and luxury, because of its history with European royalty. The different colors of this flower also have other meanings: Pink blooms symbolize ambition and encouragement, while white blooms are a sign of admiration.


Famous in North America, Southern Europe, and Asia, the Peony represents beauty. These blossoms are said to bring good fortune. If you plan to move soon, adorning your new home with peonies is a great way to brighten your rooms. Peonies make a good gift to newlyweds as they also represent happy marriage, good health, and prosperity.


The Tulip is known for its simplistic beauty. Its bright yellow and orange colors represent cheerfulness and optimism. Pink tulips express your care and good wishes for another.


Snapdragons can thrive in the harshest environments so they are a symbol of strength and graciousness. They also mean enduring beauty or dignity under pressure. Its yellow and orange blooms mean happiness, friendship, and enthusiasm. Pink is a great alternative to the red rose to express affection, while white can be a charming addition to any home.


The timeless symbol of love, the Rose has different colors that convey different meanings. While red roses symbolize passionate romance, the lighter peach hues represent the love between friends and family, and ivory-colored roses mean respect and new beginnings.

There are so many other flowers you can choose for your flower arrangements and bouquets, giving you countless ways of expression. For more artificial florals that capture nature’s stunning beauty, visit www.balsamhill.com.

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