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How to Reuse Christmas Decorations and Christmas Lights All Year Round

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The holidays may be over, but don’t pack away all those decorations just yet. Balsam Hill will show you unique and stylish ways to turn Christmas ornaments into home décor that can be used all year long.

Christmas Lights

Not ready to let go of your twinkling lights after Christmas? Because the soft luminescence of the winter solstice is still upon us until the spring, subtle accent lighting at home works as a wonderful way to keep the sparkle of the holidays in a cheerful way.

Balsam Hill's LED Fairy String Lights
Choose from a variety of LED lights from Balsam Hill’s selection of Christmas tree lights

Create your own glamorous dressing room by framing an oversized mirror with white Christmas lights. Used as vanity lighting, twinkle lights can make your room look more stylish when all the other lights are turned off. Make the lights look more elegant by draping them in a generous fashion.

Pine Cones

Balsam Hill's Holiday Scented Pinecones
Balsam Hill’s Holiday Scented Pinecones

Turn a bunch of pine cones into a beautiful coffee table décor. Just arrange the pine cones around a votive and secure them with some burlap or twine. You can also just sprinkle them with glitter and hang them on mirrors or windows for a lovely sparkle in your room. For a rustic centerpiece, put pine cones, twigs, and white pumpkins together in a clear vase or a wooden bowl.

Finial Ornaments

Balsam Hill's Candy Cane Finials
Balsam Hill’s Candy Cane Finials

Repurpose a huge Christmas ornament into a rustic topiary. Apply a coat of plaster and several coats of paint and glaze to make your ornament look like old concrete. Place it in an old flower pot and add some moss for the final touch. You can also combine different colored glass orbs in an urn for a chic year-round decoration on your porch.


Balsam Hill's Mountain Meadow Wreath
Balsam Hill’s Mountain Meadow Wreath

Evergreens bring natural charm to everyday home décor. Minus the festive holiday bows, these simple Christmas wreaths are a lovely addition to your living room walls. To give a bedroom the look and feel of an enchanted forest, try draping fragrant evergreen boughs around the canopy of a four-poster bed.

Holiday decorations may seem too festive and flashy to become everyday displays. Make these simple adjustments so you can enjoy their elegance and beauty all year round.

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