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DIY Flower Bouquet for any Occasion

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A flower bouquet is easy to make by arranging floral stems. Create a beautiful arrangement to brighten up any room in your home. The beauty of a DIY bouquet is that you have complete control about how you want it to look and you may use any material or flowers you have on hand.

This video shows you simple steps to creating a bouquet with artificial flower stems:

Here are a couple of tips on how to create a stunning bouquet for any occasion:

Add Greenery

Incorporating foliage helps make your bouquet look fuller and provides contrast in color and texture for your blooms. There are different varieties of foliage with different shapes and hues such as eucalyptus, ferns, and even herbs like rosemary. Choose foliage that will make the colors of your flowers pop and can provide some support for your flower stems.

Use Decorative Fabrics

Wrapping strips of fabric such as braided ribbon trim, raffia, or tulle around your bouquet can pull the look together and add a unique touch. Tying the fabric into a ribbon also adds interesting texture to the finished product. Choose fabric colors that either match or complement your floral color scheme.

Add a Dash of Fragrance

Engage the senses with more than the visual beauty of flowers in full bloom. Spritz a bit of floral perfume oil to your bouquet to help create the mood you want. Whether it is the romantic scent of roses, the soothing scent of vanilla, or the refreshing scent of citrus, pick an aroma that complements the look of your flower arrangement.

When creating your own flower bouquet, it’s important to keep in mind the basics of floral arrangement, but don’t forget to add some creativity and fun into the decorating process.

You can get more tips and tricks on flower arranging here and here. Share your own DIY bouquet creations in the comments!

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