4 Ways to Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Smell Divine

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Christmas displays are often feasts for the senses, with all the wonderful colors, ornaments, and holiday scents. While artificial Christmas trees aren’t scented, there are various ways to get them smelling great. Here are some tips to help you add scents to your artificial tree.

Light Scented Candles

Italian Scented Candles
Our Italian Scented Candles add color and evocative scent to Christmas displays.

Using scented candles is a good way to make sure that a tree doesn’t develop pungent scents. You can select the traditional forest scent or opt for a blend of nostalgic Christmas aromas. Make sure that you don’t put them too close to the tree to prevent fires.

Keep it Clean

After unpacking the tree, clean each section before putting it up. Insects and dust can get into the box if the tree is not stored properly. When storing it away for the first time, consider putting some silica gel packets in its box. This helps keep the tree from developing unpleasant smells while in storage.

Hang Air Fresheners

Give your tree the fresh-cut scent of real trees with our Scented Ornaments
Give your tree the fresh-cut scent of real trees with our Scented Ornaments

One way to make your artificial tree smell good is to hang air fresheners at the back of the tree where it’s hidden from view. You can purchase air fresheners and scented aerosol sprays from the supermarket or department store. Just don’t spray too much on the tree as scented liquids can be flammable.

Hang Real Pine Cones on Your Tree

Holiday Scented Pinecones
Balsam Hill’s Holiday Scented Pinecones

For that natural pine scent, decorate your tree by tying pine cones on its branches. If you’re picking them from your yard, make sure to clean and treat them for sap or insects. You can also choose the ones that are infused with scents from your local craft stores.

With a little of bit of ingenuity, you can give your Christmas tree that extra element to create the perfect holiday display. Happy decorating!

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