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Whatever age you may be, some part of you will always be a kid at heart. This is especially true when it comes to Christmas trees. There’s nothing like a beautiful tree adorned with flickering lights and colorful ornaments that helps conjure memories of your childhood. This theme is captured by the colorful (and delicious) creation with one of our pencil trees in the video below.

What better way to celebrate the holidays for the child in you with a tree all decked out with sweets and candies? The following are some tips that you can use to make a Christmas tree for kids of all ages.

A Candy Tree

A tree decorated with candies is quite a visual feast, and quite perfect for the family with a sweet tooth. To do this, you will need tinned cooper and a hot glue gun. If you want to eat the candies later on, choose hard candies over soft ones like gummy worms.

You can never go wrong with a red-and-white theme. Candy canes with their hooked shapes are one of the easiest ornaments to hang on your tree, their colors instantly evoking the mood of Christmas. With a bit of hot glue, you can link candy canes into a garland. Alternatively, you can glue together cellophane-wrapped peppermints or hard candies as an alternative to candy canes.

A Chocolates Lover’s Tree

Although chocolate is not traditionally related to Christmas, a tree covered with chocolates wrapped in colorful foil is a sweet sight. If you’re planning to use it as an ornament, avoid using hot glue since chocolate melts easily.

To make chocolate coin ornaments, skewer a hole in the middle of each coin with a wooden stick and slip a thread or ribbon through the hole. You can also put chocolate coins in red pouches that you can later give to the kids.

Gingerbread Cookie Trees

For a traditional tree, gingerbread men take the top of the list. While most cookie ornaments are preserved with varnish, you can make an edible batch. Aside from traditional gingerbread men and women, try non-traditional cookie cut-outs for an added twist. From dinosaurs, to planets, the options are endless; all you need is a little bit of playful imagination.

Ready to add sweetness into your holidays? Whichever way you go about putting up your tree, remember to have fun and include your children in this delicious decorating activity.

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