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How to Incorporate Garlands into Your Home Décor

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Traditionally made from leaves and flowers, garlands are lovely decorative pieces that can easily be incorporated into your home décor.

Garland used to elegantly decorate a headboard
Photo courtesy of Cami of Tidbits

Since they’re so versatile, I usually hang them anywhere from entryways and staircases to mantels.


Welcome your guests with strategically placed garlands framing your entryways. Enhancing the inviting atmosphere of your home even more, these can be accented with ornaments, or natural accents such as pinecones.


To add visual interest, try layering garlands made with different kinds of leaves along the staircase. For example, you can use a simple white garland as the first layer and add a decorated garland as the second layer. The contrast between the two will provide visual interest, giving your decorations more impact and depth.


: The classic, elegant pairing of a garland and a wreath will help make your mantel the best-looking focal point in the room. Personally, I like pre-lit foliage in my home; their warm glow at night provides a welcoming radiance to any space. Their warm-white glow really helps make everything look that much more festive.

Quick Fix

: Use garlands as trimmings to dress up existing furniture or lighting fixtures. You can also use them to quickly cover up any chipped areas on headboards or tables, or fill in gaps in a tablescape.

Not only are artificial Christmas garlands really simple to use, but they can perfectly complement any theme you’ve chosen for your home. I do hope you try some of these ideas for the holiday season. Happy decorating!

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