Red and green may be the traditional Christmas color combination, but there are many other hues that, when used together, create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays. Present your family and guests with unique colors that are either some of the family’s favorites or a remodeling trend this year. Impress your family with interesting color schemes that add an exhilarating twist  to the Christmas décor in your home this season.


White Christmas tree with metallic ornaments

White Christmas décor is becoming more and more popular these days, but many of us think the look isn’t that easy to pull off. With the right accent pieces of different shapes and textures, white Christmas décor can create a vision that is ethereal. This white Christmas tree exudes soft elegance that brings a sense of calm and serenity amid all the festivities. The tree features silver ornaments that add sparkle and glitz to the celebration of the season, while maintaining a clean, monochromatic look.

Although a white Christmas tree is not as common as a green one, it can be thought of as a basic tree. Different decorating options abound: you can highlight a single color against the whiteness of the tree, or select a collection of ornaments with varied colors for a completely different look with a bit more interest. But if you want a classic modern appeal, white-on-white offers an overall look that is elegant and peaceful.

Pink, Turquoise & Fuschia 

Pink and turquoise color-themed Christmas tree

Pink and turquoise together make a gorgeous color combination that even kids will get excited about. Bold pink and turquoise ornaments, bring some whimsy to this holiday décor. Even with the playful mix of colors, the tree is still in perfect harmony with the room’s neutral background. The shimmer of the baubles and the mixed color ornaments complement the white foliage of the tree. Such a surprising burst of color inspires you to celebrate this wonderful time of the year with your family.

Aqua, Cobalt and Sky Blue

Blue color-themed Christmas tree


These three shades of blues are a perfect trio for those seeking a more contemporary decorating scheme with an air of exuberance. Ornaments in shades of aqua, sky and cobalt blue give this flocked live tree a textured and edgy twist.

White and Red

Decorated tree from A Blissful Nest

Using red on a neutral white base can be very attractive. Red is a true primary that will sharply stand out against white. You can give your Christmas decorations a fresh feel by adding pure white ornaments amongst the reds. Normally the color of Scandinavian Christmas decor, you will surely enjoy the cheery energy that this trendy combo brings to any room.

Pink and Gold

Pink and gold make a great color palette for those who want fun and chic holiday décor. A favorite wedding motif, the lovely combination of soft pink and gold infuses a bit of romance into your Christmas theme. Deeper hues, meanwhile, intensify the overall tone of the tree and complete a look for a princess in any holiday display.

Violet, Brown & Bronze on White

With the backdrop of a chocolate hue drapery treatment, a pairing of violet and bronze or brown surprisingly works on a white tree. The bronze Christmas balls pare down the drama of the violet baubles, which cleverly pick up the color of the seat cushions. Such a smart placement of purple on the tree – not only in the cushions and fixture above the table – signals the specialness of the holiday. This keeps the brown from taking over, and the purple perks bring on the joy.  Stunning and elegant, this unexpected combination looks best when aglow with clear lights.

Red, Green & Gold

Christmas tree with red, green, gold, and touches of purple

Purple, green, and gold, the traditional colors of Mardi Gras, add fun and festive flair to Christmas displays. These green and gold hues combined bring sparkle and sophistication into any room, glowing beautifully with clear lights. Purple baubles add a pop of color to the rich, elegant backdrop of a warm gold-green foliage. Purple is judiciously used so that it does not overwhelm the tree. Various shades and values of purple are represented, while the spherical size and shape are consistent with the overall look of the tree. In other words, this is a very traditional way to decorate a Christmas tree with an unusual color pairing for your family.

Jewel Tones

Jewel tones color-themed Christmas tree

Although somewhat traditional, decking your Christmas tree with jewel-toned ornaments of deep rich hues adds colorful elegance. With personalized, unique, and not necessarily uniformly shaped ornaments, this tree adds an exciting and somewhat unpredictable sparkle to the cheerful holidays. Embellish your tree with metallic versions of the colors teal, mustard gold, amethyst, and Lapis along with a deep red. Add interest with different shapes, such as gold and silver garlands, chains, or icicles, for an elegant shimmer that has a jeweler’s touch.

9. Blue and Silver

This Sonoma Slim Pencil Tree fits beautifully into any tight space (Photo courtesy of Citrine Living)

Blue and silver is an attractive combination for a holiday display. Transcending decorating styles, this neutral palette is reminiscent of a sparkling winter wonderland. And just like white, it brings a calm, relaxed feel, thanks to its somewhat coastal tones. The silver and white ornaments exude the excitement and anticipation of the Christmas season while the baubles, which come in a more saturated blue tone than that of the wall color, lend a relaxing aura to this great area.

Christmas is not limited to red and green color schemes. Capture familiar holiday feelings of love and celebration with fashionable hues that are anything but conventional.


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