Balsam Hill Guide: How to Decorate Wreaths for Spring

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Christmas may already be in the rearview mirror, but spring is just around the corner with another great opportunity to put your cherished wreaths in the limelight. With this in mind, we’ve asked our brand ambassadors, Dagmar Obert and Courtney of French Country Cottage, for some expert ideas that will inspire you to bring the natural charm of spring foliage into your home.

Dagmar’s Faux Cotton Wreath

Dagmar created an entire wreath from scratch using Balsam Hill’s highly-realistic Faux Cotton Picks. She used floral wires to attach small sprigs of cotton to a circular frame made of thicker wire. She then went on to display her wreath in three different ways.

Vintage Birdhouse and Cotton Wreath

A charming centerpiece for an afternoon tea party, this wreath frames a nest of eggs enclosed in a vintage glass birdhouse. The robin egg blue tablecloth matches the faux eggs perfectly to bring the ensemble together.

Striped White and Gold Bow

Cotton Pick Wreath 023e

Hanging from the wooden planks of Dagmar’s garden fence, this cotton wreath is highlighted with a gold and white ribbon, tied into a simple bow to form a solitary accent.

Garden Candle Centerpiece

Cotton Pick Wreath 018e

A sparser version of the cotton wreath was loosely wrapped with the same gold and white ribbon and placed around a battery-operated Miracle Flame Pillar Candle. Set the mood for an intimate outdoor affair with this simple yet elegant centerpiece.

Courtney’s Indoor Spring Wreaths

Since cotton has a neutral color, Courtney found it easy to incorporate our Faux Cotton Picks into a few Balsam Hill wreaths for a natural look that fits a variety of settings. She also came up with her own cotton pick wreath using an alternative technique.

Spring Magnolia Wreath


Since Courtney loves Balsam Hill’s Magnolia Wreath the way it is, all she needed to do was to add some spring details. She pulled some sprigs off of the main branches of our cotton picks and tucked them into the wreath evenly. The Magnolia Wreath with faux cotton graces her mantel next to a pink rose under an elegant cloche.

Eucalyptus and Cotton Wreath


Using Balsam Hill’s Eucalyptus Wreath as a starting point, Courtney threaded sections of Faux Cotton Picks through its silver dollar leaves. She then hung the wreath over the golden frame of an antique mirror using a simple leather wreath hanger.

Free-form Cotton Wreath


Courtney took a different approach to creating her full cotton wreath. She wired the branches together using floral wire, tucked the thicker ends of the branches inward to create a free-form wreath, and then fluffed the picks to achieve a full and natural look.

So much can be done with a little floral wire and the right floral picks. If you’re feeling inspired by what Dagmar and Courtney have come up with, try this little decorating project at home and let us know how it goes in the comments section.

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