It’s truly a sight to behold when your Christmas tree, ornaments, and lights come together beautifully. But depending on the different colors of Christmas tree lights you have, it can sometimes take a bit of effort to ensure that your design coordinates well.

Our BH Noble Fir Christmas tree with clear lights
BH Noble Fir Christmas tree

Here’s a guide to help you choose between white lights or multicolored Christmas lights for your tree and what type of Christmas tree decorations work best with each.

White Christmas Lights

Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Christmas Tree with red and gold ornaments
Balsam Hill Fraser Fir Christmas tree

White Christmas lights, also called clear lights, are well-loved for their warm, candle-like glow. Their neutral color makes them versatile enough to match any decorating theme. Because they don’t have a distinct color of their own, white lights look elegant on their own or can be coordinated with any color or style of Christmas tree decorations. Whether you want to decorate with a single color palette or play with a colorful theme, white lights make the perfect backdrop.

Need some Christmas tree decorating ideas on what to pair with clear Christmas lights? Here are a few we love:

  • Turn your tree into a sparkling centerpiece by pairing metallic colored ornaments with white Christmas lights.
  • Keep things simple but still visually interesting with classic ornaments, ribbon, and a topper all in monochromatic shades or tones of the same color.
  • Add handmade decorations such as cranberry garlands and hand-cut paper snowflakes to your tree for a unique, personalized touch.
  • For something less traditional, pair white Christmas lights with ornaments in bold and trendy colors pink or teal.

Multicolored Lights

Colored Christmas lights are another option that gives your tree a festive appearance. But while these are fun, coordinating them with other colorful decorations may be a challenge.

For a Christmas tree with colored lights, a good rule of thumb is to stick with no more than three to four base colors. If some of your Christmas tree decorations match the colors of the lights, even better. Once you’ve chosen your color palette, you can mix and match your ornaments. Try combining pieces with different shapes, sizes, and textures like stars, ribbons, and ball ornaments.

With Christmas tree lights and a variety of ornaments, it’s a delicate balance to achieve a look that’s full and complete without overdoing it. If you feel like your design may be too much, simply remove some ornaments, or swap them out for other colors to balance out the look of your Christmas tree.

There are plenty of other designs that work well with multicolored lights so get creative with it. Try going for a bright candy-themed or rainbow tree or a classic red-and-green theme with a twist.

Are you torn choosing between white lights or multicolored lights for your Christmas tree? Many of our pre-lit trees come with our innovative Color+Clear™ technology which allows you to switch between clear and multicolored lights, or to light them up both at the same time—all at a touch of a button. With these color-changing Christmas lights, you can also easily change up the ambience of your holiday display with a simple remote click.

For Christmas tree decorating ideas, visit our gallery. Choose the perfect pre-lit Christmas tree with our in-depth Christmas tree light guide.

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