Bring the charm and beauty of winter indoors with a frosted Christmas tree. Its snow-covered foliage lit up with warm lights creates a welcoming atmosphere during the holiday season.

In this video, Courtney of French Country Cottage shows three elegant ways to decorate your frosted Christmas tree. She also shares easy DIY Christmas ornament ideas to complement your theme.

Show Transcription

Courtney: Hi, I’m Courtney from Balsam Hill. Today, I’m going to talk with you a little bit about how to decorate frosted Christmas trees. Frosted Christmas trees are some of my absolute favorite to have in the house. I put up several every year and I always love to give them each a unique look and theme.

You’ve got this beautiful base of snow that really sets off some of your ornaments. It gives you the option to really play with some of those other color collections like blush, whites, and golds.

Some of the things to consider when choosing a frosted Christmas tree is to take into consideration what kind of a look you want in your home. A frosted tree is going to bring that warm wintry blanket of snow look into your living room, your bedroom, anywhere you place it. It’s also going to bring a different feeling for Christmas.

Today we’re going to talk about a couple of other ideas for frosted Christmas trees. The first look is going to be using red ornaments. Red is a traditional Christmas color and red goes beautifully with any kind of a frosting on a Christmas tree. It brings that winter feeling. It’s very festive. It’s very traditional and it’s absolutely stunning with the frosted Christmas tree.

The second look is going to be using a pop of vintage pinks combined with a couple of soft blushes, whites, and golds. That’s going to be a very unique vintage look for a Christmas tree that shows how you can take this frosted tree and really transform it and make it look like it’s from years and years ago. It’s going to fit in perfectly.

For our third look, we’re going to be using the Midnight Frost collection from Balsam Hill. This collection is full of rich, icy tones that are in shades of blues, purples, and frosty whites. With this frosted tree, it’s really going to make that feel like a winter morning, winter wonderland, just all of that magic of Christmas but just in a different non-traditional shade.

For our first look, we’re going to be using traditional reds, greens, and golds that are going to give this frosted tree a really beautiful festive Merry Christmas kind of a look. For our traditional-inspired Christmas Tree look, we use two sets of the Christmas cabin plaid ornaments, one set of mistletoe and holly ornaments, one set of red berry picks, one roll of brown ribbon, one red tree color, and one starry night tree topper.

One of the things I love about using red on a frosted tree is that it really makes it feel almost like that winter morning with those red berries with a little bit of frost on them. It just absolutely beautiful and it’s a very traditional way to decorate a frosted tree.

The next step is going to be to use some of the larger ornaments to fill in some of the gaps in the tree. A tip is to use different ornaments and different styles to create a collected look. On this tree we’ve used plaid ornaments, vintage-inspired ornaments as well as simple matte and shiny red and green.

This tree, what I love about it is it feels like childhood Christmas to me. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in front of the fire, I’m sipping cocoa, I’m waiting for Santa, and I just have all that anticipation and excitement while waiting for Christmas. This tree incorporates these beautiful ornaments, red berries that really pop on the tree.

Any type of color is going to really pop on a frosted tree, so don’t be afraid to grab your favorite color ornaments and put them on a frosted tree, it will be beautiful. I love how it turned out. Let’s move on and take a look at our next design.

For our vintage-inspired tree, we used one set of Winter Wishes rose pink ornaments, one set French Country ombre ornaments, 100 or so vintage ornaments in various sizes and shapes, one set of white ornaments, one Plush Braid tree skirt, and one Capiz Snowflake Tree Topper.

One of my favorite looks for frosted trees is to use vintage ornaments. I love vintage ornaments because they bring a whole different sense of history and just a collected feeling to your tree when you use them.

A frosted tree is perfect for using those vintage ornaments because it really lets then stand out and show them off. Today, we’re going to use some various shades of pink vintage ornaments, along with some of the blush ornaments from Balsam Hill.

This is one of my favorite trees to do every year. This is a vintage-inspired tree. This is using a great mix of vintage ornaments that I’ve collected over the years. Also, some of the new ornaments from Balsam Hill, the French Country ornaments in a nice blush ombre color. Also, some of these Winter Wishes ornaments are perfect to tuck in there.

One of the other ornaments that you can use that really off-sets and keeps these from feeling too sweet and too pink is to use some nice white ornaments in various shades. Some of these are vintage and they’re pearl. Others are the essential whites from Balsam Hill.

These are a great way to mix in other ornament colors and not have this pink take over the tree. It also really accents the frostiness of the branches and just makes it feel like a winter wonderland.

One other tip I wanted to point out is that when decorating the tree, tuck your larger ornaments inside the branches a little bit deeper than the rest of the ornaments. You can see that some of these ornaments are floating on the outside of it so the light ornaments can sit on the outside of the tree and they give a nice drape.

Right here with the larger ornaments, if you tuck them inside the branches, it will help fill in the tree and add those layers of interest that just make the tree sparkle even more.

For our Midnight Frost tree, we used one set of Midnight Frost ornaments, one set beaded snowflake garland, one set snowy branches picks, one set of white berry picks, one roll of Victorian cut-out gold ribbon, one Starry Night tree topper, and one Mongolian Faux Fur tree skirt.

For our third tree, we’re going to be using a whole frosty theme to really accent how the Frosted Faux Fur looks. We’re going to start off with these snowy branches, then also add these ivory pricks, and then we’re going to start with our ornaments after that.

My first rule for decorating, and this applies to Christmas too, is to decorate with what you love. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your Christmas tree. If it makes you happy, it’s absolutely perfect, so throw that rule out and know that whatever color you like is going to be beautiful.

Okay, so we’ve got our frosty tree with shades of icy winter and lots of blue, purple, silvers and a little bit of gold. It’s absolutely beautiful. We’ve got the branches tucked inside. Then also the snowflake garland that’s beaded adds just a little bit of an extra sparkle to it.

Something I wanted to show you really quickly, a couple of tips for decorating a tree with this many different ornaments. One of them is to use the big ornaments, like we talked about before, tucked into the branches to really give the decorations some depth.

Then also you can group your ornaments together. You’re going to take two different ornaments that are of a different size, different color, different style even, and hang them side by side.

We also have all these beautiful finial ornaments. These are great for hanging on the outer tips of the branches, like this one right here, to really dangle down and just have that nice, beautiful effect. Looks kind of like an icicle coming off of the tree.

Now, we’re going to work on a couple of quick and easy fun DIY ornaments that you can use to enhance your tree even further. This is an easy thing to do with just some wood beads in various sizes and a little bit of twine.

Let’s get started. First we’re going to tie a knot on the end so that the beads won’t fall off. Next, we’re going to take our beads and we’re going to string them right along onto our beaded garland. I’m using two different size of beads. I’m using a large bead and then some smaller beads to create a little bit of a pattern. Tie the end off and then you can hang your garland on your tree.

We’re ready to create our ornament. We’ve got our mason jar, we’ve got our snow, we’ve got our vintage car. All we need to do is put it all together to create a charming ornament for the tree. The first thing you want to do is you want to take your hot glue gun and add just a little bit of hot glue to the bottom of the Christmas tree and place it onto the top of the car.

Once that’s dry, put some hot glue on the bottom of the car and place the car right into the mason jar. Press it firmly into the bottom so that it’ll stay. Then it’s time to sprinkle our snow. Take your snow and sprinkle it inside the mason jar to create a nice snowy feeling. Use as much or as little as you’d like to create the effect that you like the best.

Once we are done with that, it’s time to add our wire. Simply take your wire and wrap it around the outside of the mason jar right under the lid and make sure to twist it tight to tie it off. Once you get that done, take a loop of wire, put it over the top, and hook it underneath the other side of the wire to create a loop to be able to hang it on to your tree.

There you have a cute vintage-inspired ornament that will remind you of going to cut down a Christmas tree, bringing it home on top of the car. I hope this gives you some ideas for your Christmas tree this season and that it inspires you to add a little bit of that frosted tree magic to your own home. Have a great day, everybody.

Traditional Frosted Christmas Tree

What You’ll Need

Christmas Tree and Decorations:

plaid christmas balls and finials, berry tree picks, brown ribbon, and christmas-themed ornaments

How to Decorate a Traditional Frosted Christmas Tree

To create this look, choose classic Christmas hues of red, green, and gold. Then, combine various ornaments and patterns for vibrant pops of color on your frosty white Christmas tree.

Steps to Decorate Your Tree:

  1. Insert red berry picks into the branches.
  2. Hang large ornaments on the inner branches to create depth.
  3. Place smaller ornaments evenly around your tree.
  4. Cascade the brown ribbon from the top of your tree and tuck in between branches so that it billows in and out.
  5. Crown with the tree topper.
  6. Fix the red collar around the tree base to complete the look.
fully decorated christmas tree, red berry tree picks, assorted red and green ornaments

Decorating Tips for This Look:

  • Mix and match shapes and complementing colors for a full, festive effect. For example, pair plaid ornaments with simpler red and green balls in shiny and matte finishes.
  • A frosted tree is a beautiful canvas for colorful ornaments so try experimenting with different palettes.
balsam hill frosted artificial tree decorated with traditional red and green ornaments

Vintage-inspired Frosted Christmas Tree

What You’ll Need

Christmas Tree and Decorations:

pink and blush christmas balls, snowflake tree topper, white tree skirt

How to Decorate a Vintage-inspired Frosted Christmas Tree

Lend a timeless look with ornaments you’ve collected over the years. Choose vintage-inspired decorations in pink, blush, and white.

Steps to Decorate Your Tree:

  1. Hang pink ornaments in different sizes.
  2. Add blush, ombre, and white ornaments to give the tree a more balanced look.
  3. Tie the theme together with a snowflake tree topper.
  4. Lay a white tree skirt at the base of the tree.

Decorating Tips for This Look:

  • When decorating with bold colors, balance them with accents in softer shades.
  • Tuck large ornaments deeper into the tree to add depth and create a fuller look.
  • Keep smaller ornaments on the outer branches for a nice drape effect.
balsam hill frosted christmas tree decorated with vintage pink ornaments

Midnight Frost Christmas Tree

What You’ll Need

Christmas Tree and Decorations:

blue and white ornaments, white tree picks, victorian cutout ribbon, snowflake garland, and white fur tree skirt

How to Decorate a Midnight Frost Christmas Tree

Go all out with the snowy theme on your frosted Christmas tree. To achieve this look, choose frosted ornaments with sparkling details in icy tones of blue, purple, and silver, accented with a bit of gold.

Steps to Decorate Your Tree:

  1. Place snowy branches and ivory picks around the tree.
  2. Hang the frosty blue and gold ornaments.
  3. Add your ribbon. Start from the top and tuck it in between branches for a billowy effect. Use several strands to cascade around the tree.
  4. Combine two kinds of garlands for a striking contrast. First, wrap the beaded snowflake garland around your tree in a horizontal spiral pattern, draping it loosely in between branches. Next, add the beaded wooden garlands using the same technique.
  5. Place your star on top of the tree.
  6. As the finishing touch, cover the base with your faux fur tree skirt.

Decorating Tips for This Look:

  • Group two to three ornaments of different colors, sizes, and styles and hang them side by side to create texture and variety.
  • Place finial ornaments on the outer parts of the branches for an icicle effect.

Quick and Easy DIY Ornaments

Add unique, handmade touches to enhance your tree with these DIY wooden garland and vintage-inspired jar ornaments.

Beaded Tree Garland

DIY beaded tree garland

What You’ll Need

Materials for Beaded Tree Garland:

  • Approximately 50 wooden beads of different sizes
  • A roll of twine
  • Scissors

How to Create a Beaded Tree Garland

assorted wooden beads, string, scissors
string wooden beads

1. Start by tying a knot at the end of the string to keep the beads from falling off.

wooden beads

2. String your beads in whatever way you prefer. You can use two different sizes to create a pattern.

wooden bead string garland

3. Keep stringing your beads until the garland is at your desired length.

wooden bead garland

4. Tie the end of the string to secure your beads. Then, hang the finished garland on your Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Truck Ornament

mini christmas tree truck in mason jar ornament

Materials needed:

  • 1 bag of artificial snowflakes
  • Mason jars
  • Mini tree ornaments
  • Mini truck ornaments
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Wire
artificial snowflakes, miniature trees and trucks, mason jar, wire, glue gun, and scissors
steps to making a mason jar christmas ornament with faux snowflake, mini tree and mini truck

1. To create one ornament, glue a mini Christmas tree on top of the truck.

steps to making a mason jar christmas ornament

2. Carefully glue the truck to the bottom inside the jar. Press firmly to make sure it stays in place.

mason jar christmas ornament with faux snowflake, mini tree and truck

3. Sprinkle faux snoflakes inside the mason jar. Use as much or as little as you like to create a snowy effect.

mason jar christmas ornament with mini tree and truck

4. Wrap a piece of wire around the lip of the jar and twist tightly to tie it off.  

mason jar christmas ornament

5. Take another piece of wire and hook both ends across the jar opening to create a loop. This will serve as a handle to hang your ornament on the tree. Repeat steps to create as many ornaments as you wish.

We hope these ideas sparked your imagination and inspired you to create holiday magic with your frosted Christmas tree. For more tips and ideas, visit our Christmas tree decorations gallery and our decorating guide.

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