How to Decorate for a Backyard Barbecue

Summer is all about spending time outdoors in the company of close family and friends. If you’re planning to host a backyard barbecue, organizing it around a cohesive theme will help make your gathering more fun and memorable.

Setup by Diana Elizabeth Blog for Balsam Hill
Diana sets up her outdoor table with Cast Metal and Teak Lantern

A theme provides a clear direction not only for your decorations, but for other details as well, such as the time of day and duration of your party. It helps you decide on who to invite, what refreshments to serve, and the type of table setting to arrange. Today, let’s look at some tips and ideas on how to dress up a backyard barbecue with a bit of country flair.

Send a Fitting Invitation

Invitations help set the tone for your party by giving guests a glimpse into the festivity that awaits them, so choose your design carefully. The design of this invitation is simple yet bold, and reflects the country style of the party.

Paper invites can be a fun and creative way to present themes, but should you choose to go paperless, you’ll find countless e-invite templates online. Consider using an online invitation site if you want a convenient way to track RSVPs.

Plan your Décor and Party Set Up

Go for decorations that add pops of color or whimsy. Decorating accents can come in the form of themed tableware, banners, buntings, and small floral arrangements.

Make sure your décor is suited for the outdoors, and will serve as a charming backdrop to your party activities. Try staining a wooden pallet to get a wonderfully rustic, and cost effective, menu, program, or “no seating plan” sign.

Lighting is especially important if your barbecue will extend into the evening hours or begin at night. Be sure to light steps and paths, as well as tables and food stations. String some Christmas lights on trees or along railings to provide illumination as well as extra ambiance.

If you plan to include kids in the guest list, consider providing them with a separate dining and play area close by. Create tables out of straw bales and gingham fabric, and then set up the space with balloons, age-appropriate toys, activities, and games.

Make Refreshments Part of the Décor

Make food and beverages part of your party decoration by presenting them beautifully and in line with your theme. For example, fruit water or colorful summertime tea in mason jars are refreshing drinks that draw the eye. Chilling the jars in a galvanized metal bucket filled with ice makes for easy preparation and plays up the country motif.

Create an Inviting Tablescape

Even casual events such as a backyard barbecue benefit greatly from charming tablescapes. Entice guests to the table by lining burlap runners with bandana print fabric. For eye-catching centerpieces, arrange seasonal blooms in clear jars or straw baskets tied with red and white gingham ribbons.

Try out these decorating tips at your next backyard barbecue and have a great time connecting and creating fond summer memories together with the people you love.

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