How to Create a Sophisticated Autumn Tablescape

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The autumn season inspires calm appreciation for natural textures alongside earthy tones. Here are a few ideas on how to elegantly spruce up your tablescape for the season, using décor pieces that are easily available:

Rustic yet refined autumn tablescape
Photo from Shirley ofHousepitality Designs

Autumn lays bare the beauty of nature. It strips the outdoors of the colors of summer, which allows nature to wind down and prepare to renew itself. Everything takes a calm tone, a mood that is best translated into design through the usage of natural elements such as dried wood and autumn leaves. So instead of your usual fabric placemat, consider using weaved burlap mats placed atop a solid colored tablecloth. You may also consider using elegantly weaved wooden baskets to hold your serving dishes during family-style dinner parties. This simple switch allows you to bring the woodiness of the outdoors into your home, rooting the design in the heart of nature.

Earthy Colors

The end of summer heralds the return of earthy colors. Do away with neon and pastel shades for your table’s color palette and stick to warm, earthy colors instead. Muted red, orange, yellow, beige, and brown heighten the autumn ambiance on your table. A great way to bring color to the space is through the tablecloth or the place settings. A red plate placed atop an off-white tablecloth is a simple and sophisticated way to play with color combinations.

Contrasting Textures

Autumn is all about woody, earthy textures against the softness of the air. Bring this into your table design by layering various textures together. A burlap mat resting atop a soft, cotton tablecloth presents a great play of textures. Autumn leaves gathered in a bowl and topped with fresh seasonal berries is another elegant contrast that brings a unique visual and aromatic element to the table.

Autumn Inspired Centerpieces

The simplest way to beautify the tablescape for autumn is through a season-inspired centerpiece. Instead of the usual flower-laden focal point, consider using the autumn pumpkin as the base of your centerpiece. Place an orange pumpkin on a textured plate, and decorate it with dried twigs and leaves. Finish it off with a scattering of fresh autumn flowers. This is an elegant yet simple way to welcome the season into your home.

Give these tips a try and turn your cozy, autumn dinner parties with your family and friends into truly memorable events.

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