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Balsam Hill’s California Baby Redwood™ wreath hangs over a mantel
The right holiday wreath can complete your overall décor theme.

With the holidays fast approaching, you might feel that time is against you when it comes to decorating. There are factors to consider in home decorating—the Christmas tree, the mantel, the tabletops—but in this post, we will show you how to choose the right wreath for your holiday home by going back to the basics.

Check the Size

Balsam Hill’s Jefferson Double-door Wreath

The size of the wreath will depend on the kind of look you want. Large wreaths exude a bolder and more festive atmosphere, while smaller ones project a more reserved minimalist appeal. All this is dependent, however, on where you plan to display your wreath.

Displaying a small wreath on a large front door won’t look proportional and will lessen the appeal of the wreath. A wreath 20-30 inches in diameter will look great on a standard 36-inch wide door. Oversized doors, on the other hand, call for a wreath that is between 30 and 36 inches in diameter. The larger the wreath, the higher they should be hung on the door. Also, ensure that your wreath does not overpower the other design elements of your home’s holiday décor.

When checking the size, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the area where the wreath is going to be displayed?
  • Do you want a festive or minimalist look?
  • Does it complement your overall décor theme?

Think of the Shape

Balsam Hill’s English Boxwood Wreath

It’s a faux pas to think that a wreath must always be in the traditional round shape. When it comes to wreaths, there are a host of options from which you can choose. When choosing a shape, it all boils down to personal preference. Remember, though, that the shape you choose should complement your overall décor theme.

Aside from round wreaths, there are ones are those that are square, monogram-, or heart-shaped. For a more creative approach, use a mirror to frame your wreath. This is preferable if you’re wreath is displayed above your mantel, together with your framed family photos.

When thinking of the shape, ask yourself these questions:

  • What shape most represents your personality or design preferences?
  • What shape would go well with your other décor or complement your décor theme?
  • Where is the wreath going to be displayed?

Consider the Color

Red Berry Foliage

Wreaths of varying colors make for a versatile décor piece. Depending on the season, your wreath may have muted tones, which may reflect the fall’s somber atmosphere. On the other hand, they may be festively colored and decorated for Christmas. It’s also a good idea to check the type of foliage and whether the wreath is decorated or not. Take note that even the smallest details can make a difference. For example, wreaths decorated with dried leaves or small pumpkins are not apropos for spring or summer.

When considering the color of your wreath, ask yourself these questions:

  • During which season are you going to use the wreath?
  • What color would go well with your overall décor theme?
  • What type of foliage is appropriate for the season?

When you start your holiday home decorating, keep these tips and ideas in mind. Knowing how to choose the right wreath will not only help you in decorating your front door; it will also help spark some ideas on decorating your home’s interior.

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