Decorating with a tree topper is the perfect finishing touch to a Christmas tree. Not only does it add another delightful element to your holiday masterpiece, it also evokes a beautiful sentiment that communicates the meaning of the Yuletide season for the family.

Our radiant and elegant Double-Sided Starburst Tree Topper
Our radiant and elegant Double-Sided Starburst Tree Topper

However, like other ornaments, there are factors to consider before finding the perfect one for your home. To help you with the process, here is a comprehensive guide to choosing the best Christmas tree topper.

Envision Your Theme

One of the most common misconceptions that homeowners have is that any tree topper will do. Often, one’s choice doesn’t complement the prevailing theme of the tree and the room. This creates a disparity between the tree topper and the rest of the decorations, compromising the lovely atmosphere created by the adornments. It is important to envision the theme of your room, and look for a tree topper that reflects just that.

For example, if your theme takes inspiration from timeless holiday decorations, the classic angel tree topper is a good choice. It not only brings to life those sweet and inspiring stories about the origins of Christmas, but also adds elegance with its well-crafted form and graceful appearance. Finally, it also conveys the message of goodwill towards humankind, which is very appropriate for this time of the year.

Check a Tree Topper’s Dimensions before Purchasing

Design is not the only thing you should consider. The height and width of a tree topper is also important. Remember that there should be a distance of at least one foot between the tree topper and the ceiling. Also, make sure that the piece matches your tree’s profile. If you have a slim tree, don’t get a thick and wide tree topper. Find a piece that highlights the slender proportions of your tree.

Our slender yet striking Gold Tree Topper
Our slender yet striking Gold Tree Topper

Weight is another important factor. Some tree toppers are too heavy for certain tree, and might even cause a tree to topple over. A great way to check if it is too heavy is to put it upright in the palm of your hand. If it immediately leans in a certain direction, then it might be too heavy.

Adjust the Top Branches of Your Christmas Tree or Use an Extension Kit

One tip you can employ if you prefer a unique tree topper that may not fit your tree is to bend the topmost branch of a tree sideways to double the support for a larger top ornament.

Balsam Hill's Tree Topper Extension Kit

The best option is to use Balsam Hill’s Tree Topper Extension Kit. This accessory makes your tree topper stand upright for the entire season. At the same time, it also adds stability and strength to your topmost branches in order to support a heavier piece.

Choose from Any of our Tree Topper Suggestions

The whimsical Santa's Sleigh Animated Tree Topper
The whimsical Santa’s Sleigh Animated Tree Topper

We know it’s difficult to pick out a tree topper with the many options available, so here are several of our favorites. Santa Claus in his sleigh is a family favorite, and this classic Christmas symbol is paired with a bright star for an endearing yet whimsical tree topper. It’s animated too, creating a charming focal point for your holiday centerpiece.

a pastoral pinecone christmas tree topper

Tree toppers that make use of rustic accents, such as pine cones and acorns, are also wonderful choices. This is an effective way of infusing your home with the natural beauty of the wintry outdoors. Combined with vibrant hues, this makes for a captivating display.

Beautiful customized tree topper created by Brad Schmidt
Beautiful customized tree topper created by Brad Schmidt

Ribbon tree toppers have made a strong showing in recent years due to their vibrant colors and flexibility in design. Ribbons can be used for rooms with a low clearance, but also be given height by adding sprigs of various flora or even some glittered accents. The tree topper in the image was created by acclaimed floral designer Brad Schmidt using Velvet Lame Patchwork ribbon, and given dimension and texture with the addition of Gilded Leaves Picks and Mini Purple Poinsettia Picks.

This vintage Jolly Saint Nick Tree Topper adds nostalgia and cheer
This vintage Jolly Saint Nick Tree Topper adds nostalgia and cheer

A vintage tree topper, such as the one shown in this photo, is also a good pick. This nostalgic piece not only looks cheery on your tree, it also evokes memories of previous Christmas seasons and brings back sweet holiday memories with the family.

Get the perfect tree topper for your lovely Christmas tree with this expert guide from the Balsam Hill blog.

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