As the holiday season approaches, you might have your thoughts set out on what type of Christmas tree you want for your home or how to decorate it. Finding the perfect tree is an endeavor in which many embark each year but very few have mastered. Finding the perfect tree is a delicate art, and it will depend on several factors, which include the size and type of your home, your preferred décor theme, and the location you have chosen for your tree.

Making the Measurements

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Before you proceed to determining the right tree size, you should measure the height of your ceiling, taking into account the height of the stand and the tree topper. You should also make sure that you can fit the tree’s girth in your chosen location. Make sure that you choose a location close to a power socket or prepare some extension cords beforehand so you won’t have problems lighting your tree after it is set up.

    • Height
      After you have decided on and measured the location, you should determine the amount of space you’re looking to fill. For a grand centerpiece, choose a Christmas tree that is at least six inches lower than your ceiling height. This will ensure that the tip of your tree is not too close to your ceiling and will allow you to use a tree topper. If your home has a standard ceiling height, which is 8-9 feet, a 7½ foot tree is recommended.
  • Girth
    Depending on the type of Christmas tree, they can be tall and slim, full-profiled and have a perfect cone shape, or somewhere in between. More important than finding the tree that you want is finding one that will fit perfectly in its intended space. One thing to remember when measuring a tree’s girth is to find its widest point and pull a branch taut on one side while having another person do the same on the opposite side. Have someone measure through the center of the tree and you have the tree’s girth. As a guide, mark the area around the tree’s girth with masking tape so you have a rough idea of how much floor space it’s going to use.

The Color and the Shape

Mount Washington White Christmas treeIf you are still trying to find the perfect Christmas tree for your home, try and narrow down the color you prefer. Are you looking for a tree with a vibrant forest green color like the Fraser Fir, something with a deep blue-green color like the Aspen Estate Fir, or something with a more muted gray-green color like the BH Noble Fir™? Although most traditional trees seemingly have the same green color, a closer look will show beautiful shades of green for which you never thought to look before. You can even opt for a pristine white tree like the Mount Washington White Christmas tree for a truly wintry look or experience the best of both worlds with the BH Frosted Fraser Fir™ Narrow.

Before selecting a tree for the coming holiday season, take note of these tips to ensure that you get a Christmas tree that is tailor-fit for your home. This way, you’ll find a tree that not only looks good but also complements the beauty of your home and your other holiday décor.

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