Garland decorating the front door

In a previous post, we talked about choosing the perfect wreath for your home. As a follow-up, this post will discuss how to choose a wreath’s perfect companion—the garland. You might think that choosing a garland is a simple task; however, its flexibility as a décor piece doesn’t overshadow design sense. Discussed here are the two essential sides of choosing a holiday garland: your design theme and the garland itself.

Selecting a Theme

Holiday tablescape

Garlands effectively link your tree and other foliage décor together, giving your holiday theme a uniform, complete look. At the same time, a holiday garland brings the beauty of the outdoors inside your home, since some holiday pieces mimic the look and feel of natural conifer branches. Garlands offer flexibility too. Adding small accents and seasonal ornaments to your lush, verdant foliage creates a décor piece that can be used during the warmer seasons.

Choosing a Location

Garland on banister

Garlands can be placed in a number of different places inside or outside a home. It’s prudent to remember, however, that this is not a license to ignore design sense. Whether you’re placing a garland on a mantel or hanging it on your banister, location is a key component of effective garland decorating. After deciding on a location, you should then take measurements. Depending on where you place your garland, these may vary:

  • For columns, make sure that you get a garland that’s twice as long. This will ensure that the garland can be wrapped around the column in a neat spiral.
  • For mantels, get a garland that is at least four feet longer. This will ensure that both ends of the garland drape neatly over the mantel’s corners.
  • For fence posts, have at least 0.5 inches extra of garland for every inch of fence.

Considering the Type of Foliage

Close-up of pre-lit garland

If you want a specific look for your holiday theme, it’s a good idea to check your décor’s foliage type. Holiday wreaths, garlands, and Christmas trees use different types of foliage. This can have a subtle but profound effect on your home’s overall look. Balsam Hill’s offers a variety of foliage types that can be used to match your décor to the season.

  • Decorated foliage comes with decorations ranging from simple eucalyptus leaves that combine with the lush foliage to golden berries and pine cones that represent the good life. This is a practical option for those with limited time to decorate.
  • Seasonal foliage displays the flora of the season, making it the perfect décor whether it be winter, spring, summer, or fall. Aside from its colors, the embellishments and the foliage itself represent the season’s symbols.

From simple and minimalist to copious and extravagant, garlands can provide that added touch of fullness to your holiday décor. Start with these simple tips and enjoy a complete holiday theme in your home this Christmas.

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