Christmas is fast approaching, and the next thing you know, you may already be hearing Christmas carols being played everywhere. Why not start the holiday season at home by setting up a beautiful tree that meets your needs and expectations?

A transitional home with a magnificent Balsam Hill artificial Christmas tree and wreath

Balsam Hill is all about creating beautiful and high-quality artificial Christmas trees. In 2007, we received the Good Housekeeping Seal for our BH Balsam Fir®, which was recognized as the year’s ‘Best Overall’ artificial Christmas tree. Our evergreens are so realistic that they seem like they were cut from a lush mountain forest.

To give you the complete Balsam Hill experience and make the Christmas tree online buying process easy, we invite you to explore our Branch Sample Kit, which includes samples of our finest products. One of which is the BH Balsam Fir. Our kit is offered in two sizes:

Small Branch Sample Kit: Your Choice Made Easy

If you are a person who needs minimal choices, order our sample kit of eight branches. Here you have one sample tip of a particular kind of foliage.The distinctions are easy to see; the range of samples works to your benefit as it allows for an easy decision.

Use these samples to help coordinate with your colors in your home as well as beloved, meaningful ornaments you presently own.  Maybe a certain tree, such as the Norway Spruce, invokes memories of a certain area or style such as the beautiful celebrations of the Nordic traditions. This allows for inspection and a confidence that this is the right tree for you.

And if your ornaments are heavy, long, or delicate, or have another special feature, what better way to know exactly what you are purchasing and how it would work together for your family celebrations.

Sample branches in a box - Balsam Hill Small Branch Sample Kit

The small branch sample kit includes the following:

Aspen Silver Fir®
Centennial Fir
BH Noble Fir®
Silverado Slim®
BH Balsam Fir®
Vermont White Spruce®
Norway Spruce
BH Fraser Fir®

Large Branch Sample Kit: A Wider Range of Options

For the detail-oriented buyer, we have a comprehensive kit that includes all of the eight signature branches from the smaller kit plus other notable pieces from the following:

Aspen Christmas™ Collection
Napa Christmas® Collection
Vermont Signature® Collection
Smoky Mountain Christmas® Collection
Classics Collection

Sample branches in a box - Balsam Hill Large Branch Sample Kit

The large kit contains replicas of whole branches. The branches are mostly divided into areas of the world where these trees naturally occur.The samples allow you to see the quality, color, and shape of the needle that best suits your decorating tastes and the branch structure that best supports the kind of ornaments, garlands, and ribbons that reflect the overall style of your tree.

A Hint of Inspiration

Our branch sample kit not only allows you to examine the beauty and craftsmanship of our products. It also lends inspiration to you as you set out to develop your holiday decorating plans. One look at our exquisite sample branches and you are taken on a journey to that part of the world that inspired our evergreen masterpieces.

Find out why our expert team of designers fell in love with trees from Napa Valley to New England, from Bordeaux, France to Norway. Each area has its own uniqueness that can be brought into your home for a special time that brings your family together. As you take a closer look at our sample branches, you can also visit the Balsam Hill blog, where we will be highlighting these inspirational places where the world’s best Christmas trees thrive, and uncover information that makes these areas charming and distinct.

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