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9 Ways to Add Romance with LED Candles

When it comes to adding ambiance to your everyday and special occasions, there is nothing quite like candles for bringing that dreamy feeling.

Whether you use just a few taper candles on your table or a grouping of 10 or more for a beautiful, warm glow, candles are a perfect way to add a whole lot of romance for your Valentine’s Day décor and all year long. Groupings of candles are like artwork or a bouquet of flowers: they are a finishing touch that adds a sprinkle of “oomph” to a design. And the best part about Balsam Hill’s Miracle Flame LED candles? Not only do they flicker just like real ones do, you can also use them anywhere and not worry about fires and safety. Today I am sharing nine times that these candles were perfect.

1. Mood Lighting for a Romantic Table

Of course with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, setting the mood for romance might be on your mind. And when it comes to romantic-inspired table settings, candles are a perfect way to add that mood lighting without being overpowering.

For the perfect amount of flickering light, add candles in various sizes grouped around your centerpiece. Dot them around the outer areas of your table to light up even more for a perfect Valentine’s table setting.

2. On the Coffee Table

Did you know that Balsam Hill has small votive sized LED candles? Those little cuties are perfect for tucking inside your mercury glass containers and enjoying a soft glow.

3. Inside a Lantern

Think outside the box—and inside the lantern. Here are some wax LED candles grouped on the table but this time, they are also with another charming “candle” that Balsam Hill carries. These rechargeable lanterns are so beautiful indoors or out, and their light flickers away, adding a perfect amount of warmth to any space.

4. Mixed on the Mantel

I am a big fan of groupings of candles, and displaying them on the mantel is one of my favorite stylings. To get this look, mix four or five sizes of candles for varying height and an abundance of flickering goodness. You can also use candle holders to bring even more height and drama.

5. In the Fire Box

When you don’t have a real fireplace or a real fire burning in your fireplace, fill it with candles for a fun twist on the everyday. I used melted wax candles in three sizes for an extra sprinkle of that drippy wax candle magic, and then stacked them on books to add even more variance in their heights to fill that large firebox area.

6. On the Porch

Always a fun way to decorate the porch seasonally, you can enjoy the same charm of lanterns and candles all year long. These are outdoor candles, which means they won’t melt when the sun comes up and shines on them all day long. And something fun: you can set some of Balsam Hill’s candles to be on auto, meaning they will come on at dusk and flicker away on your porch for a couple of hours before turning off.

7. For Vintage Appeal in Lighting

This lantern might be one that would be overlooked on the porch because it is so high and not easy to reach to turn on everyday, and it isn’t a spot that is wired, so no light switch. But an LED candle is perfect for use in this hard-to-reach spot, and I just use the remote to turn it on and off as needed. Easy peasy.

8. Tapers on the Table

I am a big fan of candles marching down the center of a table, and I have had more than one drippy mess to clean up after a breeze came up and sent the candles and wax all over my tablecloth.

With the LED taper candles, you can easily tuck them into your garland or your candleholders, and enjoy their charm without the worry of them falling over or wax drips ruining your great-grandmother’s best linens.

9. On the Ground

Something that I love to do but wouldn’t feel good about doing with real candles is to use them on the ground. I love to line the path and walkways, leave them glowing in the greenhouse for a party, and tuck a few into leaves or by the hammock for an extra sprinkle of charm.

But safety first, always. That is why those Miracle Flame beauties are perfect. No fire worry—which means I can tuck them anywhere and enjoy the evening with family and friends.

I hope you enjoyed some of my ideas for using LED candles today. You can find all of these LED candles HERE at Balsam Hill—and I would love to know your favorite ways to enjoy Balsam Hill’s LED candles as well. Leave me a note in the comments.

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  1. There’s something charming about lanterns. I think that it is a simple detail that can create a great romantic aesthetic. I think that if I needed to up my event I would get some candles.

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