When decorating homes for Christmas, many turn to the traditional holiday colors of red and green. While these colors have an air of traditional festivity, they can get pretty monotonous and overwhelming, especially if your décor doesn’t change much from year to year. Try something different this Christmas by incorporating a wider selection of colors to complement your holiday decorations. It’s a small change, but it will make your home a grand visual treat for you and your guests.

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Decide on a Color Scheme

Before matching colors together, first decide on a main color scheme. However, keep in mind that green and red are standby Christmas colors on most décor pieces, so work your color scheme around that. Once you have decided, use a color wheel as a guide. This will ensure that the colors you end up selecting will beautifully complement each other. For example, to tone down the usage of the color red, you may want to use pink or red-orange in its place. You may even add yellow into the mix to create a beautiful glow.

Add Color to Standout Pieces

If you’re hesitant to implement an entire color overhaul to your holiday décor, consider applying pops of color to a specific standout holiday piece. For example, instead of decorating your Christmas tree with the usual red, green, and metallic ornaments, play around with other colors and spread them evenly throughout the tree. Pink, blue, and yellow work wonderfully with traditional ornaments. You may even add color to wreaths and garlands by interweaving them with colorful flowers and tiny ornaments. A stylish play on hues and textures, ornaments are perfect for giving trees that hint of cheerful color. Suitable for any tree, they glisten with a mix of glittery gold and holiday stripes that contrast beautifully with traditional Christmas colors.

Unique Decorative Pieces

Incorporate pops of color around your home with unique decorative pieces that may not necessarily be considered Christmas décor. For example, a bright colorful vase placed on the coffee table in the living room adds an unexpected touch, complementing the bright colorful Christmas lights. Big opaque ceramic bowls in bright blue or yellow placed in the middle of the dining table are also an easy way to add color to Christmas feasts. You may fill the bowls with Christmas candy, or use it as a base for your table centerpiece. A glass vase filled with bright pink and purple Christmas balls make a simple yet elegant statement. The vases are versatile – you can also place floral stems in it and simply tie a big bright bow around for a cheery touch.

Coloring Ornaments

Add color to old ornaments by painting them in a variety of pastel hues. Since Christmas decor is usually darker hued, a colorful pastel addition is a great way to enliven the space. For example, paint pinecone ornaments in pastel pink, blue, and orange, and hang these on the Christmas tree or use it to decorate staircases.

Don’t shy away from color just because it’s Christmas. Playing around with colorful decorations and color schemes will give your home a truly unique ambiance while enhancing the fun, festive spirit of the holidays.

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