Most people are aware that Hillary Clinton is a driving force in today’s political arena, but what many don’t know is that she also has a flair for interior decorating. She even considered having her own home decor show after her husband Bill Clinton left public office. How would a home influenced by Hillary’s classic elegance look? I’ve listed down some of her unique traits as translated in the design aesthetic of different rooms:

Stately Elegance in the Living Room

A living room decorated in yellow
Traditional Living Room by Westfield Interior Designers & Decorators Kingsley Belcher Knauss, ASID

Hillary absolutely loves yellow – and for good reason. The vibrancy immediately conveys a touch of freshness reminiscent of spring. Using this as the principal color of your living room creates a lively yet cozy atmosphere. Remember to follow the 60-30-10 color combination when using such a striking hue. Balance it off with hints of white, or even gray or black, to soften the glow of yellow.

Cosmopolitan Class in the Home Office

Hillary exemplifies traditional Americana elegance as well as the cosmopolitan sensibility of one who has seen the world. Her many travels have opened new horizons for her, and this exposure is reflected in her surroundings, bringing a sense of her class and style.

A travel-themed home office
Traditional Home Office by Chicago Architects & Designers COOK ARCHITECTURAL Design Studio

A great home office that reflects Hillary’s journeys across the globe would have stylish travel-inspired décor. From a vintage travel chest repurposed as an elegant coffee table to exotic light fixtures that evoke the beauty and mystique of faraway lands to a vintage globe used as a centerpiece, your home office can exhibit the same Clintonesque aura that is sophisticated and smart.

A travel-themed home office

Simplicity and Minimalism in the Sitting Room

One of Hillary’s lasting contributions to the White House is her renovation of the sitting room. The design doesn’t necessarily have to exude the same grandeur as the living room. You can simply surround a small wooden table with cream or white armchairs. The important thing is to decorate it with colors and textures that offer a feeling of tranquility. Invite guests into the room, serve some delicious iced tea, and catch up on each other on a relaxing afternoon.

A sitting room with soothing accents
Eclectic Living Room by Orange County Interior Designers & Decorators Possibilities Home Decor and Design

What is Hillary Clinton’s Style?

Hillary Clinton
Photograph by Annie Leibovitz | Vogue

When you review Hillary’s principles both in the political sphere and her private life, you will find her tenacity, passion, and yearning to have an impact on the world to be a source of inspiration. From her political views to her love of yellow, from her passion for decorating to her zest for travel, she exemplifies how one can live a truly enriching life.

Imbue your home with the style of one of the most iconic women in history. With these design ideas, you can achieve the same classic elegance Hillary Clinton is known for.

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