Michelle Obama’s unmistakable style and grace have turned her into one of the most iconic first ladies of all time. Fusing classical and contemporary aesthetics, her signature look is a fresh and bold statement that comes from a mixture of simple colors. Bring her contemporary elegance into your living spaces with these ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

a radiant Michelle Obama addresses a crowd regarding her policies

A Warm and Welcoming Living Room and Entertainment Room

When the Obamas inherited the White House from the Bush administration, the first lady soon had the West Wing renovated. The stately taste was balanced by an atmosphere of warmth. The presidential residence, which evoked images of power and prestige, became a homely space ideal for the leader of the free world and the first family. With a few pieces, you can also bring an air of coziness into your living spaces and, in particular, your entertainment room.

entertainment rooms benefit from cream walls and rustic brown fixtures
Photo 1 from Houzz, Photo 2 from Pinterest

Comfort should be the focus of a warm and inviting space. Beige or taupe walls and a carpet with a similar tone immediately ease you into the traditional and familiar scheme of the room. A leather or upholstered brown sofa set with lots of throw pillows can complement the décor and makes for an excellent spot where the whole family can rest. Cappuccino arm chairs can also be added.

These entertainment rooms reflect two varying atmospheres, both offering an additional dimension of class. The first one harnesses natural light. It is particularly ideal for casual get-togethers where guests can just sit back, relax, and watch a film. The other offers privacy, creating a retreat where one can briefly escape the rigors of life.

Each area also benefits from a small wet bar. These can be used as a serving counter for snacks and cocktails during parties or a quiet night with the family. Best of all, this kind of furnishing makes clean up easier once the party has ended.

A Chic Bedroom with an Elegant Statement

Michelle Obama has always said that motherhood is of utmost importance to her. Before anything else, she is a mom to her beautiful daughters, Sasha and Malia. Using attractive décor pieces, you can also bring the first lady’s warmth and motherly love to your daughter’s bedroom.

a cozy bedroom with a sky blue and white decor scheme

A warm aqua blue brings a youthful backdrop to an almost grownup room. The vintage feel of the bed and pillow fabric brings energy, vitality, and history to the space. It also beautifully accents the color of the walls and the upholstered bed. Although the bed and the mirrored stand convey French aesthetics, the dressers exquisitely reflect the color scheme of the two, making it an essential part of the room. Hang a unique and colorful chandelier similar to what Michelle Obama did in order to add a touch of elegance and charm.

obama girls' chandelier

Décor enthusiasts and Michelle Obama admirers can take inspiration from the antique chandelier hanging from Sasha and Malia’s bedroom. The exquisite use of glass, colored stones, and fake flora creates a glitzy and fanciful appeal.

Fitness and Pleasantries in the Basement

Mrs. Obama’s campaign to promote health and wellness across the country has influenced many to start leading an active lifestyle. Homeowners can take part in the cause by converting their basement or family room into a stylish recreational room or home gym.

a large area with a modern gym and stylish entertainment area

Pair your cream walls with a caramel-colored sofa set and a pair of exotically carved back chairs for an upscale atmosphere.  You can use the other side of the room as space for your workout machines. Use glass partitions to separate the two areas. Make sure to purchase equipment with a clean and simple design so that it would go well with your scheme. The warmth of the wood flooring provides contrast with the cool tones conveyed by the glass and metal, creating a design plan that cleverly balances the elements of the space.

This rare but sophisticated pairing is made successful by adding a gorgeous abstract artwork, such as the one found in the image. Using both warm and cool tones, the wavy figures blend the atmosphere of the two areas harmoniously. This also creates a focal point in the room, diverting guests’ attention to the painting and away from the juxtaposition of the two unlikely venues.

Give your home the contemporary flair of Michelle Obama with these design ideas from the Balsam Hill blog.

[1] Photo by Barack Obama via flickr. CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0
[2] www.Casasugar.com

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