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The enchanting beauty of snow blanketing the earth is one of the reasons so many people love winter. But the breathtaking colors and splendor of spring is also a welcome sight. Take your cue from the surrounding landscape and transition your home from winter to spring with these decorating tips and ideas.

Forget Red, Think GREEN

Step out of winter by rotating out pieces of red décor that warmed up your home during the cold season. While this color still provides nice contrast in mid-February, it will look and feel tired when March comes around. Even if your geographical area is not ready for the life that spring brings, adding green ushers in the life expected in the coming months.

Mirror the emerging color outside by adorning your home with green décor items. Start introducing decorations that can last through May, such as spring moss topiary and a leafy centerpiece. Pillows on a neutral sofa provide a wonderful backdrop for other colors that might have been lost in the red and glitz of the past holidays.

Topiaries can freshen up your entryway this season. Balsam Hill’s single ball and double ball Boxwood topiaries come pre-lit with LED lights to keep your home looking vibrant even at night.

Dress Your Table with Flowers

spring decorating tips add spring florals to your table
Balsam Hill’s Realistic Spring Florals. Photos from Liz Marie Blog

Celebrate the vibrancy and color that brings joy and hope in the coming of spring. Fresh flowers in an entry or dining area table help visualize the potential growth outdoors and the coming of the sun-filled days. Put out fresh cuttings of flowers and greens and beautiful blooms, such as daffodils and tulips. As the season moves toward summer, add in other varieties of flowers with rich, striking colors that anticipate warmth and fun.

Embrace Spring’s Hope and Life

Spring is a time for rebirth and new beginnings. In April, fill your home with this message of renewal by displaying decorative eggs. Egg accents in taupe or cream shades, are versatile enough to stay even after Easter. You can mix them with pastels and then keep them out even after the Easter holiday. Use bird nests and other things like moss-covered baskets, small faux grass décor as a base for eggs, lambs, and flowers. The baskets provide a neutral, yet versatile décor in that you can fill them with anything to bring the outdoors into your home.

Add life to your spring décor with this faux bird from Balsam Hill’s Manor Robin Bird Ornament Set
Manor Robin Bird Ornament from Balsam Hill

For a more vibrant atmosphere, decorate your living spaces with faux birds, more flowers, potted plants, faux butterflies, or bright ribbons.

Change Christmas Accents to Spring Decorations

Replace evergreens with spring foliage like Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Boxwood Wreaths and Ball Topiaries
Replace evergreens with spring foliage like Balsam Hill’s Outdoor Boxwood Wreaths and Ball Topiaries

Boxwood has the marvelous quality of not indicating a season and if you want to keep a wreath up all year long, it’s a wise choice. It’s trimmed, contained foliage that brings life without the drama. The versatility of it comes with simply adding a red ribbon for Christmas, a yellow or pink for spring, and keeping it plain for summer. Topiaries can add grace and distinction as they certainly have enough design on their own. They can go from holiday glam to spring with life by simply adding ribbons and maybe some eggs, signage, or faux birds.

Celebrate the Outdoors

The warm spring weather makes spending time outdoors more enticing and enjoyable. Freshen up the look of the porch or patio by planting garden flowers or setting potted flowering plants. Choose bright flowers such as primroses to make outdoor spaces cozier and more inviting. Echo the cheer of these spring colors around your exteriors by introducing new linens and pillow accents that reflect the attractive hues of your favorite flowers.

Try out these spring decorating tips and ideas and make your home more captivating by keeping it up-to-date with the splendor of the changing season.

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