Wreaths and garlands are holiday decorating essentials that need extra care when storing to prevent damage. Keep them looking beautiful for many years with these 3 simple steps.

Silver Frost Wreath and Garland by Balsam Hill
Photo by ASlummyMummy.com

1. Prepare by cleaning and wrapping

After taking down your décor, gently clean them with a feather duster. Or place the foliage in a large plastic bag, then set a blow dryer on a low, cool setting and wave it a few inches from the branches to remove dust and lint. The bag prevents the debris from scattering.

Balsam Hill Outdoor Frosted Evergreen Foliage
Photo by NestofPosies.com

Once cleaned, cover them with newspaper, tissue paper, bubble wrap, or large plastic bags. This wrapping keeps dust from accumulating on the needles and ornaments.

2. Store decorations in durable containers

You need suitable containers to protect your wreaths and garlands throughout the off-seasons. If the original packaging is intact, use it for the first year of storage. Since cardboard boxes tend to deteriorate over time, it’s best to find a long-term solution.

Multi-purpose Storage Box for wreaths and garlands

Your next best option are plastic containers with airtight lids. Find a tub or box that’s sturdy and spacious enough to fit your foliage. You can fit more than one piece into a large container but make sure the branches are not too compressed. To secure ornaments on the foliage, fill gaps with shredded paper or packing pellets. Place silica gel or desiccants to absorb moisture inside the container.

Wreath Storage Bag by Balsam Hill

When it comes to storing foliage, professionally designed storage boxes and bags is the ideal choice. These are made with heavy-duty material and some include special features like wheels or protective frames.

3. Find storage space that’s cool and dry

Choose a suitable spot that’s dry, cool, and enclosed. Moisture and heat can damage foliage and any attached ornaments. Likewise, direct sunlight can cause the color of your decorations to fade.

Rolling Multi-purpose Greenery Bag by Balsam Hill

Bonus tip: Label your containers according to their contents and organize them so it’s easier to find decorations when you need them. When stacking boxes, make sure to place the heavier ones at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.

Follow these steps to preserve the beauty of your wreaths and garlands for more seasons to come. Want more ideas on how to best store your holiday decor? Read about our 4 Christmas Decor Storage Solutions and visit Balsam Hill for storage bags and accessories.

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