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Christmas in July: Have You Checked Your Tree Lately?

It’s Christmas and the southern hemisphere is rejoicing. While our friends south of the equator are busy fluffing their Christmas trees in July, it’s time you asked yourself a crucial question: have you checked your own tree lately? The Balsam Hill blog gives you a handy checklist to make sure your tree is in tip-top shape for December.

Hello Tree, We Meet Again!

Before taking out your tree from storage, it’s important to determine a good spot where you can clean it. Choose to work in a controlled environment indoors to prevent any possible damage from the summer heat, wind, or unexpected rain. Also, consider the safety of children and pets. They might become fascinated with the colors of your ornaments and believe they are edible.

Lay down a large sheet of paper or cloth on the floor for catching dust and debris. This simple step allows for an easy clean up afterwards. Begin taking out the tree by gently lifting the parts out of the bag or box. Then place each section in a designated spot.

Say Goodbye to Dust Bunnies

When cleaning your artificial Christmas tree, choose a vacuum attachment that does not suck in material too intensely that it damages the needles. Place the vacuum head about an inch away from the tree to avoid sucking out any foliage or decorative detailing. Also, don’t forget to vacuum the trunk.

Treat a delicate or old tree with care. If the vacuum seems too powerful, opt to just wipe the branches with a damp rag. Simply use water to moisten the wipe. Avoid using harsh detergents as these can discolor the tree or remove any adhesive used for the accents. If your tree acquired a musty odor from storage (due to mold and other bacteria), clean it with a mild disinfectant, air it out or use activated charcoal or baking soda.

Here Comes the Tree Inspector

Identify the total number of sections of your tree as you would during assembly. Inspect the parts carefully to ensure that there is no damage or defect in the branches and tips. Build the tree, following the manufacturer’s assembly instructions, preferably near a wall outlet. Once each branch is in place, begin fluffing and shaping it.

If your tree is a prelit model, check if there is any frayed wire insulation or cords, exposed copper wire, loose connections, or cracks in the light holders or enclosures. Plug the tree to pinpoint lights that are not working.

Call the Tree Authorities

If you find anything broken, call customer service right away and get prompt services or replacements for light strings, tree sections, or defective stands. Doing so as early as July makes a big difference in ensuring your Christmas celebration is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

With a little TLC, your artificial tree will maintain its beauty for this Christmas and the next.  Come to think of it, since half the world is celebrating the holidays this month, you can join in the fun and keep your Christmas tree standing. Decorate it with a summer theme.  You’ll love our next post on how to celebrate Christmas in July!

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