Thanksgiving is that time of the year to reflect on things that we are grateful for. Here at Balsam Hill, we are thankful for a decade of continued support from our customers – for being with us as we celebrate milestones in our service of making holidays more special.

Romantic Tablescape by Courtney

Our brand ambassador, Courtney of French Country Cottage, shares some of her tips in putting together beautiful thanksgiving tablescapes, befitting the occasion to help you create wonderful memories.

Decide on a Centerpiece

Courtney's Rustic Tablescape

Your centerpiece will help set the tone for the rest of your tablescape. Go for a look that’s interesting and eye-catching, by mixing different types of foliage to achieve a full effect. Take inspiration from our Eucalyptus Garland, by infusing real leaves with faux greens to create an interesting and unique display. For your tableware, try stacking plates of various sizes and patterns for distinctive place settings that complement the theme.

Elevate your Design

Draping Magnolia Wreath Garland

Be creative and let your imagination enhance your design. In the photo above, see how our Magnolia Leaf Garland drapes gracefully over the sides of the table for a romantic touch.

Choose a Color Palette

Rustic escape with Courtney's elegant tablescape

Stay true to a specific color scheme. Ensure that you coordinate the hues of your tableware with your centerpiece to achieve a cohesive look and to make your Thanksgiving feast more memorable.

Light up the Feast

Illuminated Tablescape

Illuminate your banquet with soft lighting. Consider using candles, whether real or flameless, to provide a warm and intimate atmosphere. Place them in areas that you want to highlight for a cozy display.

Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones makes for a more meaningful, cherished celebration, with your décor as secondary means to enliven the festivities.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Balsam Hill! Visit our website for more design inspiration this holiday season.

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